Clans Demo

The legend has been handed down for centuries - a nasty...

Clans Demo

The legend has been handed down for centuries - a nasty story, it was said, designed to frighten naughty children... Once there was peace in the land, and Goodness thrived. The Four Clans lived in harmony, and the warm days were filled with laughter and song. There was hope for the future... And then one morning the sun did not rise, and the sky turned black as death. From the limitless darkness of the sky, the Demon descended. His hordes of vile henchmen, like a plague of locusts, dropped from the heavens and infested the land. The people were helpless to resist their vile onslaught, and the earth rotted and became diseased. Hatred spread, and there were divisions among the Clans. The people grew angry, and their eyes brimmed with hatred. Brother turned against brother, father against son, and pain and misery reigned in the land.

But amid the smoke and ruin, wisdom endured. The Elders - sorcerers, shamans, and healers from each of the Clans - met beneath the smoldering earth. Combining their shared arcane knowledge, they forged the Crown of Peace. Under its enchanted influence the Clans were bound together, and the Demon was vanquished.

Peace returned to the land, and the sun appeared, and with this new light the dark memories of the Demon were forgotten. The Elders’ gloomy warnings faded, unheeded. The sages retired in silence, and died unmourned. It was as though the dark times had never been.

How the people now weep and wail at their own complacency! For the Demon has returned, and happiness has once again turned to hatred. Those who, as children, trembled in fear at the mention of the Demon, are now summoning their courage to face him. Each of the Clans has tested its warriors, and selected its strongest and wisest champion. The Demon and his minions must be confronted and destroyed, and the Crown of Peace must be found...

Multiplayer Modes

Clans offers a number of modes of multiplayer action. Make your choice in the Multiplayer Game Lobby.

Each mode of play is completed when a character exits the level via a portal. The portal becomes active only when a player has entered the treasury room. Once a player has entered the treasury, anyone may exit through the portal to end the level.

Death Match games are completed when a player reaches the pre-set number of kills. Gold Rush games are completed when a player acquires the pre-set amount of gold.

Gold Rush:

This mode involves collecting as much gold as you possibly can. There are two ways of playing Gold Rush:

a) Collect as much gold as possible before one of the players exits through the portal. You may still win if you have more gold than the player who exits the level. You do not need to set any limits to play in this mode.

b) Establish a pre-set amount of gold. The first character to obtain that amount of gold wins the game. However, if a player exits through the portal before the limit is reached, then the victor is the player with the most gold.

Death Match:

Death Match requires you to kill your fellow characters to reach the preset number of kills as quickly as possible. Killing monsters does not count towards your kill total. If a player exits through the portal before the Kills Limit is reached, then the victor is the player with the most kills.

To set up a Death Match game, select the Gold Rush game type. Now enter a kills limit in the Kills Limit dialogue box.

When you complete a Gold Rush or Death Match game, the Stats Screen appears. The name of the winner appears in yellow at the top of the list.

Cooperative Mode:

Up to 4 players may participate in a cooperative attempt to slay the Demon. When your character is killed, you do not die but must start at the beginning of the level you are currently playing.

A word of caution: Your spells and weapons may damage the other characters in your party.

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