Evil Genius - Tweakers Mod

A small mod made to improve gameplay.It makes a variety of...

Evil Genius - Tweakers Mod

A small mod made to improve gameplay.It makes a variety of small changes to the game.

World Changes:

. Regions require many more computers to break their secrecy

. Acts of Infamy (AOI) now require larger groups

. Increased/added risk to several AOI

. AOI with zero risk are nonlethal

. AOI cash rewards increased greatly

. Plotting requires more time or resources

. Delay between Aborted AOI attempts is 60 seconds

. Increased hide timer from 2 to 10 minutes

Rooms/Furniture Changes:

. Prisoners will no longer die from being jailed

. Fire extinguishers, security cameras and speakers can now be placed in any room

. Disguised equipment (Cells, Mixers...etc) no longer have any heat associated with them, unless in use

. Training and Lab equipment generate more heat

. Nuclear power plants generate more power

. Varied furniture costs, with laboratory and infirmary items topping out at hundreds of thousands of dollars

. Hotels cost millions to fully develop

. Hotels, casinos and lobbys are more effective at keeping tourists busy

Minion Changes:

. Fixed the AOI timers for henchmen that were broken; science types now properly lower the timers

. Fixed the AOI heat modifiers for the Matron and Hypnotist (they now reduce heat instead of adding)

. Henchmen recieve 2x the xp for successful AOI

. Hypnotist, Kane and Eli are able to earn more cash in the world map

. Neurocide, Kane and Butcher have triple their default plotting bonus

. Matron and Hypnotist are much better at reducing the amount of heat on the world map

. Neurocide, Hypnotist, Butcher and Matron reduce AOI duration more effectively

. Neurocide, Hypnotist and Butcher have increased info modifiers

. Doubled the minion limit

. Reduced cash potential of most minions

. Freaks no longer set off traps

. Body Guards are much more durable and hit harder

. Martial Artists are a bit tougher

Misc Changes:

. Totem pieces will not transfer to the new island since they can't be completed at that point

. Cloning Chamber will now be transferred to the new island

. Clones now have weakened areas of affect based on their Evil Genius (EG)

. The frequency for the negative effect of Body Bags has been reduced

. Fixed "Monkey in a box" not being researchable

See readme for full details

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