Catapult v1.20

Catapult is a development editor, debugger and extensive...

Catapult v1.20

Catapult is a development editor, debugger and extensive integrated toolset. It is based around a custom language - designed from the ground up for GBA development.

V1.20b (beta) : (06-03-03)

Changes from version 1.10b (includes internal changes/fixes during Beta test):

- updated all webpages

- rewrote most of user guide, including new sections on the editor, views, menus and tools.

- create resource sel bug

- added new StringDisplayValue

- added Array1D Save/Load functs (James)

- ^F should insert the word that was currently at the doco ptr

- F10/F11 should skip blank lines

- ElseIf added

- Array viewer works

- F3 bug fixed

- export fixes

- line tool

- fill tool

- (IDE) mutliple script editing

- (IDE) navigate between open scripts

- New operator '=-' (-VL0 does not work..)

- (LANG) extend 'Call' to call functions in another script

- Added SpriteSetAttribute function

- Added new rotate functions

- Added rotate sprite ability & render

- Improved exporting (inc. resource ranges)

- box draw tool

- Debug between multiple scripts (all working)

- Working subdir fixes

- (GBA export/engine working as well)

- Replace dialog (needs polish)

- All new editor code inc. Colour coded edit box

- new %= operator

- extra resource range types '0' , '0x0' (single digit)

- Command completion

- Add 'rotate' dialog/editor

- Command info bar

- emulator status text

- remembers initial processed script

- added output tick display (single execute)

- enhanced settings dialog

- added colour changing setting dialog (inc. colour bars)

- added table extensions to array system

- TileMap 'layer' and DataBank buttons fixed

- Right click context menus, including 1x,2x,3x emul window scale

- IP has TileMap generator, and full tile reduction capability (4 modes)

- revamped TileData editor (fixed saving, selection) + added zooming of tiles (preparation for new edit system)

- New TileEdit dialog, edit up to 8x8 tiles at once (64x64 pixels)

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