Battlefield Server Update v1.1

This updated Battlefield 1.1 server file is now available...

Battlefield Server Update v1.1

This updated Battlefield 1.1 server file is now available for download. This update addresses a conflict involving NVA Spawn Tunnels and XML Logging. If your server has been crashing with XML Logging turned on, this update should alleviate the issue.

To apply this update, simply extract the included file into the root folder of your server install (typically this is C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam Server).

MDT and 1.1 Debug Executable in Testing

With the release this previous Monday of Battlecraft Vietnam 1.1 (last update), mod teams were able to continue work on making their mods compatible with the 1.1 Update. Following closely on the heels of Battlecraft Vietnam, the Debug and an updated version of the Mod Development Toolkit (MDT) are in the final stages of testing at EA Headquarters.

Standby early next week for the release of these updated tools.

See below for a sneak peek at MDT 2.5's new features:

Vehicle editor (3dsmax)

Vehicles imported will have additional LOD Templates hidden by default

Now recognizes the properties: .position and .rotation

Names are no longer forced to be lowercase

.SM Export (3dsmax)

Face smoothing groups are now fully supported

Normal mapping information (Tangents/Binormals) stored in file (Battlefield Vietnam only)

Vertices optimized in the .sm file (speeds up rendering)

Lightmapped objects will export significantly more optimized than before

Fixed several bugs

.SM Import (3dsmax)

The Re-Weld vertices option no longer distorts texture UVs

If no portion of the model is set for import, the visible checkbox will be checked

.Baf Animation

Added radio buttons for exporting player animation more easily (They determine which set of bones will be exported)

Having extra bones in a .baf file that are not in the current scene will no longer cause all the bones in scene to fail the animation import

.SM Export (Standalone .3ds -> .sm)

Vertices optimized in the .sm file (speeds up rendering)

Fixed several bugs causing problems converting files

Menu Editor

New Save Selected object to file

New Load meme file into clipboard (so it can be pasted)

Added more supported object types


Right-Click context menu

GUI fixes (Minimize/Restore)

Copy/Paste of objects vastly improved

Fixed Boolean values not saving properly

Fixed several memory issues

Fixed certain error messages that were not being displayed

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