Waterloo Patch 1.001

The 1.001 patch for Waterloo - Napoleon's Last Battle...

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Waterloo Patch 1.001

The 1.001 patch for Waterloo - Napoleon's Last Battle. See "more info" for an extended list of the fixes/enhancements included in the 1.001 patch.

The following fixes/enhancements have been addressed in Waterloo-NBL Version 1.001:

(1) MP ADJUSTMENTS - Improvements to intermittent connection timeout in multiplayer games through

GameSpy Arcade.

(2) FAST VS. SLOW MACHINES IN MP GAMES - Faster machines should now play at the slow machine pace in

multiplayer games.

(3) DELETE CUSTOM BATTLES - Fixes a "Delete Custom Battle" problem on the Create/Edit Battle screen.

You should now be able to delete all custom designed scenarios from that screen.

(4) GRAPHICAL GLITCH - Fixes small graphical glitch with TCP/IP and Modem Connection dialog boxes.

(5) SFX FILES - Makes minor tweaks to existing sound effect files.

(6) SCENARIO FILE UPDATES - The following updates were made to existing scenario files:

(a) "LA GRANDE ARMEE" SCENARIO FILE - A minor error was found and fixed in one of the

"variant" setups in the scenario.

(b) "DURUTTE'S SALIENT" SCENARIO FILE - Bony's troops are now available for activation

at a cost for the French player, as specified in the scenario's Info Screen description.

(7) GAME CLOCK - Page 49 of the manual indicates that the clock face does not reflect extended play

time when you "Return to Game". This is not correct. The clock face will reflect the extended time.

Also, in version 1.001, the time extension for returning to game has been adjusted to roughly one

hour, as originally intended. So when you "Return to Game" you will receive roughly one hour of

extended time.

(8) PRUSSIAN "POOR" TROOPS AND SKIRMISHING - "Poor" Quality Prussian troops (i.e., Prussian troops

that are officially classified as "Poor") can no longer form Skirmish formation. However, in

some of the scenarios, you'll notice that some Prussian troop that have only 2 morale blocks

(i.e., this indicates "Poor" status) can still Skirmish. This means that these Prussian troops are

not actually Poor, but have been degraded from a higher quality status. Prussian troops that have

been degraded to Poor status from a higher Quality still retain their Skirmish capability.

(9) ARTILLERY FIRING LINES AND RANGE INDICATORS - Two bugs were fixed dealing with the artillery range

indicators: One bug was in the display. The firing lines were using distances as the crow-flies rather than

elevation modified distances. The latter should have been used and now is. The second bug was in the sound effect

code, which caused the range of certain types of artillery to be changed.

(10) DOUBLE-LINE FORMATION - Brigades with an odd number of battalions (i.e., 3,5, or 7) will now form

Double-Line more accurately so that the back rank fully supports all front rank battalions.

(11) TROOP QUALITY REDUCTION - To better display Troop Quality reductions in afternoon scenarios,

a unit which has had it Quality reduced will have its "Quality" marked in red in its

Troop Info Display (see p. 37 in the manual). For example, in "The Guard Knows How to Die," Gen.

Marquis Jamin's brigade of Elite Guard Grenadiers (The Gods) have been reduced in Quality to

"Experienced" (4 morale blocks). This is to reflect the fact that this cavalry brigade has already

been engaged throughout the battle and thus its fighting effectiveness has been reduced. This reduction

is now more clearly displayed in the Troop Info Display.

(12) CUSTOM MAP GENERATION - Some adjusments have been made to improve map creation: (a) The "MapCreation.txt"

has been updated to make if more clear that you MUST set the right dimensions in your files; (b) The jump map

will now show up on the display and show the roads & troops that the new scenario requires.

(13) DOUBLED REINFORCEMENTS - In some circumstances, reinforcements (when activated) were being doubled (e.g.,

six battalions would duplicate into 12 battalions). This problem should now be fixed.

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