AXP Mod Public Beta v1.1

This mod includes a host of new game functions and...

AXP Mod Public Beta v1.1

This mod includes a host of new game functions and selectable characters in an attempt to make the Aliens vs Predator 2 game more like the movie line.


Ok, I'm sure you're all wondering what this is going to change/add to your game, so here are the details!

1. This version is FULLY compatible with the new Multiplayer fixes released by Sierra on 12/17/01!!!

2. Fixed Queen Damage Resistance: She now has the resistance of the Praetorian! That, combined with her (already) high health, makes her one DEADLY foe!

3. Fixed Pred Medicomp Yell: I don't know if anyone else but me noticed this, but when you use the Medicomp for the Pred in Multiplayer, the Pred hears the blades sticking him, AND a big YELL of pain...but all the opponents heard was the blades. This has been fixed, so the enemies will hear the blades as well as his yell of pain!

4. Fixed Rail Gun Crosshair: The crosshair on the rail gun has been removed! So the only way you get a crosshair with it is when you zoom into snipe. This, combined with the "kick" from the gun make it more difficult to aim with the rail gun (sniper rifle) in melee combat.

5. Added new taunts: The normal Predator, and all the Marines have a new taunt from the movies. Just keep taunting and you'll hear it!

6. Fixed Taunts to be Local: The Taunts are now only heard when you are near your enemy. Instead of it being heard all over the map, the taunts are now localized to the character. So if you hear a taunt now...WATCH OUT! cause they're near by!

7. Fixed Pred and Marine Weapon Classes: We got a few complaints about the class weapons always being on. In our humble opinion, the game is pointless (lacks balance) without class weapons on, so we made a compromise. All the Preds can now use the shoulder cannon, but start out with only WristBlades and Shoulder Cannon, and have to collect their other class weapons. The Marines can all use the shotgun and Pulse Rifle now. Also, the "Specialist" marine has been turned into a "generic" marine class, so he can pick up and use ALL the marine weapons, but only starts out with a knife and pistol!

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