Half-Life 2 - FakeFactory Cinematic Mod V10 Beta

This is beta version 10 of the legendary Cinematic Mod that...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 9,382.9 MB
  • Program by FakeFactory

Half-Life 2 - FakeFactory Cinematic Mod V10 Beta

This is beta version 10 of the legendary Cinematic Mod that improves the graphics and appearance of the Half-Life 2 series by bringing the Orange Box Engine to older series. Expect truly amazing graphics that rivals any game.


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- This base installer is a large 10 GB file that takes several hours to download.

- Also available is a single download of the full and final version

CM version 10


FakeFactory Beta to Full patch

- Recommended on 64bit Windows OS on a PC with 4 GB ram, dualcore CPU, and high end video card with 512 MB to fully experience this game. Run

CM 10 Beta 1 (First puplic beta)

* MAJOR rework of all human models and maincharacters

* Added Hybrid-HD-Alyx (very very beta) This model comes with HD-body but keeps the original VALVE-style face

* Reworked Adriana Lima style HD-Alyx (new bonesetup, more realistic proportions, tweaked jigglebones)

* Alyx got a pistol laser sight system

* Optimized LOD system on HD models

* New HD-textures / HD-props

* Reworked old Hires-Textures with more efficient HD-overlays

* Moderate rework of some keyplaces like Kleiner's lab, Black Mesa East, EP2-silo ecetera

* Optimized texture pool for more economic usage of shared materials (CM9 uncompressed VRAM memory peaks: 2.3 GB VRAM -> CM10 uncompressed VRAM memory peaks:: 1.7 GB VRAM)

* First implementation of a fully dynamic soundtrack framework (experimental)

* Killed some background music (Less is more)

* Tweaked the new running effect (reloading and shooting possible while running)

* Several bugfixes

* Launchers are using the heapsize command by default, because the current amount of texture/sound/mech data would break the heapspace limit

CM 9.7 (non-public)

* Engineupdate to Build 3740

* Added new ConVar "ff_new_running" for toggling the new run-effect

CM 9.6 (non-public)

* Added dynamic muzzle flash effects (New ConVar "ff_dynamic_muzzle" for toggling)

* Added MAJOR reworked HD-Alyx (Lima-Style) with much much much better vertex weighting (smooth bending).

* Added some new HD Civilian models

* Fix: Small bugs in several maps

CM 9.52 (non-public)

* Recompiled the HD civilians for better Eyes movement

* Increased Bump and Specular maps on female characters

Sound drops or crackling:

If sound crackles occures, you can fix this by setting the snd_mixahead value in the autoexec's of CM's subdirectories. You will find the autoexec.cfg in the FAKEFACTORY_CM9\hl2\cfg FAKEFACTORY_CM9\episodic\cfg FAKEFACTORY_CM9\ep2\cfg directories. Try different value like snd_mixahead "0.2" or snd_mixahead "0.4" for increasing the buffered time of soundsamples. This will fix crackling or dropouts, but can lead to slightly asynchronous or delayed sounds.

Microstutter and Heapsize:

If you encounter microstuttering ingame (animations), try the heapsize command. Add -heapsize {bytes} to the shortcuts, i.e.: Shortcut: Cinematic Mod EP2 Target: ....launcher.exe" -heapsize 512000. But NEVER set the heapsize above [YOUR INSTALLE RAM / 3] or 512MB

Setup.exe and virus warning:

Setup uses a tool called SetACL for setting write permissions to the mods screenshots / cfg / SAVE directories. Some antivirus software could warn about possible malware. This is a false positive.

Technical info:

This mod's binaries are modified for memory allocation beyond 2 GB. To prevent STEAM from overwriting this binaries with its own copies on each start, the mod ist using a little launcher, that reroutes STEAM's original binaries to >NIL. Start this mod only with the shortcuts in your start menu (that were created during installation)!

Hardware requirements:

* DX9 capable graphics hardware with minimum 512 MB VRAM. (1024 MB recommended)

* 3 GB RAM (4Gb recommended)

Software requirements:

* Fully installed STEAM Client; You can't start the mod without STEAM running.

* Fully installed and unlocked HL2 / EP1 / EP2; Make shure, you have started those games in the past.

Used software or this mod:

* Adobe Photoshop CS2

* 3DS MAX 8

* E-Frontier Poser 7

* Microsoft C++ Visual Studio 2005

* Powerbasic 8

* VALVE Source SDK

* Sony Soundforge 7

* Sony Vegas 7

* Crazy Bump 5

* Cannonfodders SDK tools

* entspy

* vmex

* Autoplay Mediastudio Pro

* Setup Factory

Used texture resources:

* Majang.com

* 3d.sk

* Dosch

* environmenttextures.com

* Own photos

Used model resources:

* contentparadise.com

* efrontier.com

* daz3d.com

* Anton Kisiels Apollo Max


Development of the Cinematic Mod has taken 4 years of my life, a vast amount of coffee and 16000+ dollars for software and resources.

It will stay free for all, but you are welcome to donate a free amount for further development via paypal. If you want to donate, please follow link at the Donate page. You can choose the amount of your donation yourself

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