Quake IV - Hipdm1

This is an updated map from Quake 2 brought to the Quake 4...

Quake IV - Hipdm1

This is an updated map from Quake 2 brought to the Quake 4 engine.

Hipdm1 was a custom map made for Quake 2. It was made by a guy called

Blueseed. I don't know his real name other than the fact that his nick name

was Blueseed. This was my favorite custom map for Quake 2. I love this map so

much, I felt that it should be brought back for Quake 4. All I have done is

ported the map over to Quake 4, and I have re-textured ever part of the map.

I have not changed any brush work except for some minor tweaks. I have even

tried to keep the same style with the texturing. I also updated the lighting

and I have tried to optimize the map as best I could. I also kept all weapons

in the same positions as the original map except for the ones that were not

included with Quake 4(Like the chaingun). Because of that I replaced those

the closest things to match. I hope you enjoy this map.

I intend to make two more versions of this map at some point in the future.

One version will be a complete re-make of this map. I will update the brush

work and make alot of new additions to the map, putting it in a different

enviroment. The other version I will try to update the original textures of

the map, and apply them to the updated Quake 4 version of Hipdm1. I don't

think Blueseed, the original author, will mind if I take his map and update

it(I hope not, atleast :-o ). So look for the next two versions of this map

some point in the future. Enjoy! :)

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