Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta v2.5 (Zip)

Platinum Arts Sandbox is a game design tool that allows...

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Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta v2.5 (Zip)

Platinum Arts Sandbox is a game design tool that allows users to quickly and easily create and edit their own worlds in game, even cooperatively. It is free, open source, and easy to use. In addition it now features cart mode where players can create their own race courses and drive on it with an ogre riding his hovercart! Also, it now features updated particle menus where players can easily create their own particle effects. Platinum Arts Sandbox is a great world/level creation tool for all levels of developers and ages! Be sure to check out

the wiki

if you need any help.

* New in game tutorial!

* New Maps - Save The Princess (3D Platformer with speed boost power ups!), Forest

* New Quests - Apple Picking on Village, and rescuing the princess on Save The Princess

* New Cloud Options - Now clouds can be added that scroll above the landscape! Height can even be adjusted. Also the Skybox can rotate making the clouds appear to move.

* New easy to use Sandbox launcher thanks to James "ZKAT8IT" Burns

* New Characters can be added - Now characters and animals such as bears can be added!

* Numerous menu changes and enhancements - Menus have been tweaked to improve ease of use and they can also be customized for color, font, etc.

* Basic Multilingual Support - WE NEED TRANSLATORS!! Please see here for more information:

* Available now in English, Dutch (thanks Ben 'gamshobny' Tilma!), and Swedish (thanks Lucas Orsvärn!).

* Editing made even easier!! Can change flying speed by using + and - keys!

* Many Graphical Enhancements - Many map updates, nicer looking waterfalls, rain, scrolling clouds, some redone textures, etc.

* Numerous bug fixes and features added "under the hood".

* Improved Jukebox and Musicpack implementation

* New Music and a lilypad model!

* And MANY more! (really there are lots!!)

NOTE: If your old maps look strange in this new version, please type /remip in the console!!

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