Conflict Zone Patch v1.5 (US)

Here is the Conflict Zone patch version 1.5

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Conflict Zone Patch v1.5 (US)

Here is the Conflict Zone patch version 1.5. Here is lots of info on the patch so read the additional information page for full details on what the patch covers and what versions it's to be used for.

Patch 1.5 for Conflict Zone and patch 1.1 for Edland only apply to the versions of Conflict Zone listed below:

Conflict Zone, English Version: versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2

Conflict Zone, German Version: versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2

Conflict Zone, French Version: versions 1.0, 1,1, 1.2

To identify the version number you have, start the game and go to the main menu. The version number is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


It is essential to install patch 1.5 after a complete (default) installation, or complete personalized installation, of the game.

If you have carried out a minimum or intermediate installation, you should uninstall the game and reinstall it in the complete (default) version, or complete personalized version, before applying this patch.

It is not necessary to reinstall patches 1.1 and 1.2 before applying patch 1.5.

Patch 1.5 corrects the following problems:

Creation of an installer to apply the patch.

Correction of a rare crash caused by a miscalculation in the pathfinder update.

Correction of a crash caused by explosions that fall outside the game's terrain.

Correction of a crash in Skirmish mode.

Correction of a crash linked to the addition of units in Strict mode to a group that is in Defensive or Aggressive mode.

Correction of an initialization bug affecting units at the start of a mission (and entailing problems when placing a building if a unit is located underneath).

Correction of a trajectory bug affecting airplanes in an air raid (sometimes the aircraft in a raid got lost).

Correction of the trajectory of air raids (to avoid flying over enemy bases needlessly on the way).

Correction of a bug that caused units in "patrol" mode to stop prematurely.

Correction of a bug in F6 camera mode ("cinema" view) which prevented commanders from earning money.

Correction of a bug affecting the counting of units (from now on, when the maximum number of units has been reached, it is no longer possible to order a paratroop raid).

Correction of a timing bug affecting raids.

Correction of a bug affecting the selection rectangle (the game froze if you pressed Esc while defining the selection rectangle).

Correction of the problem reading streamed sound (sound broken up or cut off): the application of the patch converts game sounds to a new format.

Correction of the effect zone for missiles exploding on the ground (holes and humps on the terrain no longer provide protection).

Correction of an AI problem with the islands in Skirmish mode.

Correction of the unlimited creation of Ghost units with the enlistment camp.

Minor correction of a music file played during battles.

Minor correction of the "Sardines" multiplayer card.

Minor correction of several solo missions in ICP and Ghost campaigns.

Minor correction of several ground patches for snow-covered environments.

Minor correction of the Ghost propaganda video for the Ghost bonus mission.

Overall improvement of frame-rate.

Improvement of civilian respawn system.

Implementation of "patrol" function: ALT + right click to place patrol waypoints (the patrol cycles back once the last point has been reached).

Implementation of additional keyboard shortcuts:

to access the construction panel: ALT + "b"

to access the different commanders' panels: ALT + 1/2/3/4

to access the orders panel: ALT + "o"

Implementation of a confirmation request before resuming a campaign that has already been begun.

Implementation of an auto-download function for multi-maps.

Implementation of backup in Skirmish mode.

Reactivation of chat in the multiplayer chat room (deactivated since the previous version).

This patch also incorporates corrections previously made by patch 1.2 for Conflict Zone:

Correction of a bug which caused a crash when saving.

Correction of a rare crash caused by units in prudent mode.

Correction of a problem that caused crashes on GeForce3.

Correction of display bugs for kyro II cards.

Correction of the life-bar display problem on GeForce3.

Correction of a bug that created too much fog (sometimes making the screen go completely white).

Improved synchronization in multiplayer mode; fewer problems with invincible units.

Correction of a bug affecting the creation of civilians which caused mission ICP13 ("Mine Clearing") to crash.

Optimization of frame-rate in large-scale battles.

Visual separation of feedback and chat messages.

Modification of the default value for certain feedback (verbosity).

Modification of colors for gray items in the menus (lightened).

Addition of 3 cheat codes (unrevealed).

This patch also incorporates corrections previously made by patch 1.1 for Conflict Zone:

Correction of a bug which cut the sound in videos if the sound settings had not been modified

Improvement of the music and sound effects management system.

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