Deus Ex - Nameless Mod

TNM is a huge singleplayer mod for Deus Ex based on the...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 922.3 MB
  • Program by Off Topic Productions

Deus Ex - Nameless Mod

TNM is a huge singleplayer mod for Deus Ex based on the gaming community, finally released after 7 years of development.


In Forum City, the Internet is serious business. As its name implies, the city is the physical embodiment of Internet forums and bulletin boards. It's more like The Matrix or Tron than Second Life, however, as the troubles of the city are no laughing matter. Embracing the style of Deus Ex, Forum City has as much crime and conspiracy as the world of JC Denton — but most citizens would have it no other way.

The lust for power seems to come easily to those who call the city their home; everywhere there are factions scheming to increase their reach, or even wrest control of the city itself. Were it not for a peacekeeping triumvirate of invulnerable Moderators the city would quickly plunge into chaos.

This has been the way of things for as long as most care to remember.

But now, the balance of power has been upset. Unthinkably, a Moderator has disappeared, and panic is gripping the city. With the remaining Moderators spread far too thin, the lawless have found themselves with the freedom to prey upon others, and formerly suppressed rivalries threaten to explode into open conflict.

You are called upon to silence the discord.

Throughout the course of the game, you take on the avatar of Trestkon, a former intelligence agent whose reasons for leaving the city are mysterious, at best. Negotiating for his return was an act of desperation, but having known him personally, the remaining Moderators trust that he can find their missing colleague before it is too late.

Two years can change a man, however, and Trestkon's loyalty is not set in stone. Now imbued with legal authority, he could tip the balance of power in virtually anyone's favour, and the multitude of factions are well aware. Corrupt corporations, religious fanatics, cyber-terrorists, and even deadly computer programs will stop at nothing to gain Trestkon's allegiance.

Your task is simple: Save the world. The rest is up to you.


An imaginative new setting unlike any game you've played before (yet very familiar to any netizen).

59 levels of gameplay plus a new training mission, 6 intro and endgame cinematics, and three secret bonus maps!

20 original new weapons, many of which are unique and may only be acquired once through the game.

Several unique pre-modded versions of original Deus Ex weaponry to be stolen from particular characters upon defeating them.

The ability to fight with your bare hands, or to make use of several different gloves to augment your furious blows.

A weapon shop where you can buy original DX weapons, equipment, and ammunition.

Hundreds of emails, books, newspapers, notepads, and datacubes.

Multipage info-devices allow for many pages per book or datacube for the really inquisitive player.

Over 100 entirely new character skins and many more combinations of old skins!

Actual nanoaugmented enemies. You can view their augmentations with the Targetting aug and disable them with EMP attacks.

More customization: Choose between two different character models, 5 different faces for each, and eyewear!

A ton of new decorations and items.

Two parallel story arcs, that branch early in the game, and plenty of side-missions.

An almost ridiculously responsive story with a detailed denouement at the end.

Choice and consequence: Major characters will remember if you knock them out.

A script of 200,000 words of dialogue, monologue, infolink messages, and AI barks.

More than 13,000 fully recorded lines of very high quality.

Eye-pleasing graphical detail with HDTP support!

New high-quality ogg music for every level (over 100 tracks!).

A myriad of secrets, easter eggs, and little details to encourage replaying.

Goals will be updated as you progress through the missions.

Greater implementation of difficulty levels: Enemies and pickups will depend on your chosen difficulty.

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