Fallout 2 - Restoration Project Mod v2.1.2 (Manual Installer)

Some of you lost hope; many patiently stuck around to the...

Fallout 2 - Restoration Project Mod v2.1.2 (Manual Installer)

Some of you lost hope; many patiently stuck around to the end. The beyond long awaited 2.1.2 release of the Restoration Project is at hand. This is a MAJOR release, which boasts overhauls to nearly all aspects of the content already in the mod. In addition, the eagerly awaited addition of the Shi sub can now be enjoyed, as well as several other minor/moderate new content additions.

It seems like we're finally running out of cut content to add. Of course, no release would be complete without a slew of bug fixes to ensure a stable and enjoyable playing time. Not only were bugs fixed in the mod, but nearly a hundred bugs have been squashed that were in the vanilla version of the game and were not yet fixed by my unofficial patch. To me, this release is what I wanted version 1.0 of the mod to be. I'm extremely proud of what has been accomplished and ever so grateful to those who helped make it happen. It only took me about 2 1/2 years to get here.

To prevent delaying this release even further, multilingual support has been temporary removed. This means that the mod can only be played in English. Have no fear though, as a multilingual patch which adds back in Polish, French, and German (and perhaps others!) support will be released within a few weeks. Of course, this doesn't mean that those with non English versions of the game cannot enjoy this release. It just means that you'll have to play with English text until your language is supported.

Just as a heads up, the size of the Restoration Project has increased even more this time around - this is a good thing of course! It is more than twice as large as 1.2. The installer is about 128 MB and the manual version is about 98 MB.

A special thanks goes out to community members Dravean and Pixote. This release wouldn't be possible without them. Of course, I'm extremely grateful to many others who contributed to this release. Your names can be found in the readme as well as the game credits.

Please read the readme that comes with the mod. It is for your own good!

Bug reports should be posted in this thread or added to the Fallout 2 RP technical wiki. A link can be found below.

If you are plagued by random empty encounters on the world map, this means you did not do a fresh install of the game. DO SO. If for some reason you cannot, then go to this directory: fallout2\data\scripts and delete a file called:

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