Military Forces Q3 Alpha v0.40

This is Military Forces Quake3 (MFQ3). It's a complete total...

Military Forces Q3 Alpha v0.40

This is Military Forces Quake3 (MFQ3). It's a complete total conversion and gives you something new from the Quake3 title. Fly planes, helicopters, drive tanks and other cool vehicles, even on foot as infantry playing against friends and others in this "Arcade Sim".



+++v0.38+++ in progress...




- Desert Storm map update from Abbo

- some last minute artwork changes from oq

- WW2 planes now also have pilots

- updated banner for main menu

- new pilot models and ww2 plane adjustments for them

- some optimizations in radar code to be less heavy on CPU

- added a simple credits menu

- minor changes

Testing Notes:


Unless otherwise stated test versions that you receive are for your local use

only and not to be distributed. You can of course play it with your siblings

and friends to test it, but keep it private, I don't want to get emails from

people -who are not supposed to have it- saying something like "this doesn't work

properly" etc.

The following just states what you have to look at when testing the mod. I want

to be able to find and eliminate bugs as early as possible to save a lot of time

later. Therefore you need to make sure you properly test all the new stuff and

also do some regression tests, ie see if older features still work. The first

thing you should do is read through the history section to find out what was

changed lately and read through the to-do section to see known problems and not

yet implemented features. When you send feedback of your testing don't send an

email "this or that doesn't work.", but send a report as complete as possible,

I will probably provide you with a template document to fill out in the process

of testing, use this form ("testing.txt") to keep my workload, in trying

to find useful information from the reports, minimal. The following is a rough

overview of what you should especially take care of when testing:

- if possible do multiplayer testing, make sure all clients run smoothly and the

prediction looks ok; jerky or jumpy movement means I might have a problem with

the prediction code which needs to be addressed ASAP. Make sure the content is

consistent on all machines in the network. I can not overstate the importance

of multiplayer testing, it is essential to get support and to keep the community

alive and make sure MFQ3 gets plenty of servers on the net for everyone to play.

- check all the cvars the have been changed or newly implemented or removed by

me, make sure they work as expected and dont cause sideeffects on other clients

- when encountering bugs make sure you can reproduce them and know (and can tell

me) how to reproduce them

- if somehow possible make sure the game works on different operating systems, as

I only have access to Win98 and Win2k I cannot test other platforms, if you have

the chance please make sure it works properly and as expected on non Win-platforms.

The .qvm files are supposed to work equally fine on different platforms.

- test all new and old features according to the test document which comes with

the test versions

- report results to [email protected]

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