Holy Wars Beta 2.0

Beta 2.0 for the angelic/devilish mod, Holy Wars, is here!...

Holy Wars Beta 2.0

Beta 2.0 for the angelic/devilish mod, Holy Wars, is here! Battle for the holy object to become a saint and hold onto it, because it's your key out of Purgatory. Hoist powerful weapons and beat down the other sinners to earn your chance to enter Heaven.


* gameplay: new deathmatch mode

* gameplay: new instagib mode

* gameplay: halo mode removed (Temporarily? It needs tweaking)

* gameplay: faster players

* weapons: more powerful jackhammer

* weapons: faster, more powerful triple shotgun

* weapons: more powerful rockets

* weapons: more chaingun ammo

* weapons: bigger explosions

* weapons: decent railgun effect

* maps: new hw_abraham from Scary_one

* maps: new hw_demise from Scary_one

* maps: new hw_fate from Scary_one

* maps: new hw_ascension (beta) from Apocalypso

* maps: new hw_noir from TTJ

* maps: new hw_nair from TTJ

* maps: new hw_faith (beta) from Cadaver

* playermodels: new Barney model

* playermodels: new Helmet model

* playermodels: no more HL models

* playermodels: fixed skin switching problem in Akedo and Gordon

* playermodels: defaults to Gordon for disconnected player bodies

* sounds: new chaingun sound

* sounds: new triple shotgun sound

* sounds: new rocket launcher sound

* sounds: menu sounds

* sounds: fixed jump-pad sounds

* hud: new graphics

* hud: faster redrawing

* misc: new voting system

* misc: shorter respawn times for some items

* misc: armor is easier to pick up

* misc: separate config files for different game modes

* misc: fixed two-levels zoomed LOD

* misc: modified key configuration menu and defaults

* misc: better installer (see at the end of this document)

* misc: removed some old console variables

* misc: "default_fov" removed, use "fov" instead

* misc: more cool stuff

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