UT2004 - Strike Force 2004 v4.01

Strike Force is a modification for Unreal Tournament 2004...

UT2004 - Strike Force 2004 v4.01

Strike Force is a modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. Strike Force puts terrorist against counter terrorist in real world environments and has four varied game types, each with its own objectives.

SF2004 Version 3.01

New Server Admin commands:

Info, BehindView, GhostCam, AdminViewAll, TeamBeacons, BaseSwap, TeamBalance, Endround, Rounds, FriendlyFire, KickBackScale, TimeLimit, RepeatLimit

RestartMap, GamePassword, AllowColorTags, AnnounceHeadshot, Help, ChangeMap, MapList, ShowIDs, KickID, BanID, SessionBanID, AdminPassword, RadarMode

Version History Report

V3.0 RC1 - RC6

- Loads of mapbug fixes

- Texture surface materials defined

- Fixes for Admin mutator

- Fixes for reloading

- Fixes for Weapon switching

- More Fixes for tracers

- Fixed Default.ini & DefUser.ini files

- Knife bugs fixed

- Foot step sounds synced with movements and sound volume has been decreased

- More weapon bobbing added

- Sig makes more damage

- Sig clip bug fixed

- CollisionHeight increased back near to default value

- Tracer bugs fixed

- Reload sound distance radius reduced

- Player mass reduced back to default UT2004 value

- House of Debug map included as an example for community map designers

- Knife bugs fixed

- Foot step sounds synced with movements and sound volume has been decreased

- Little more weapon bobbing added

- MVP medals stays over level travel

- Grenade release has been made faster

- New Weapon fire sounds

- Shell drop sounds added

- Triggers fixed

- Grenade release has been made faster

- Grenade behavior changed: Primary fire throws nade immediately. With aim button player can keep it armed in hand as long as keeps button pressed (4 secs hold time for full throwing power)

SF2004 V2.1 Beta 5

- SFStaticMeshActor class added in game, it has an optional bBulletproof boolean.

- Sniper rifle kills with one shot to head, spine & shoulders

- Sniper rifle's vertical recoil reduced and accuracy increased

- 3x/6x/9x/12x Zoom modes for Sniper rifles, different ones for Unzoomed Aim & Zoomed Aim buttons + 2 Weapon modes (Weapon mode 1: 3x/6x Zooms, Weapon mode 2: 9x/12x Zooms)

- Reload sounds of other players can be heard

- Pistol's rate of fire increased

- Pistol clip bug fixed

- Incendiary Grenade's lifetime decreased

- Radar implemented (Server side option), 3 modes: Disabled/Team/Both Teams. In general it's made for one other game type than I'm working on, but can be fun in TDM as well ;)

- Shells added

- Game menu fixes

- Animation fixes

- Some effect code changes

- HP shown in scoreboard at the end of round

- New bullet tracers

- New menu (SF2004): Possibility to change color & size of crosshair, full scale of UT crosshairs are now available

- Name of Weapon is not shown anymore when switching weapon

- Hit effect distance & penetration level effect sliders added in SF2004 menu (for performance tweaking)

- Nade behavior changed: Primary fire throws nade immediately. With aim button player can keep it armed in hand for 6secs (4secs hold time for full throwing power)

SF2004 V2.1 Beta 4

- Few Scoreboard fixes

- Console Suicide does not reduce score

- Full power jumps allowed every second second

- Fall damage reduced

- Typing/Say animation fixed

- Some hit momentum changes

- Weapon switching while reloading is not allowed anymore

- Collision radius of player reduced

- Surface related landed sounds after jump implemented

- Some hit effect fixes

- Frag grenade explosion moves GoodKarma objects

- Flying grenades gives 5hp damage for actors they touch (others than players)

- Momentum impact of Karma death caused by frag grenade depends on caused damage

- Blood trails fixed

- Bullet decals fixed

- Admin can always use Ghost cam & Behind view no matter what ever server settings are

- Colored Player names supported (Server side option)

- Some Login code changes, hopefully fixes problems with AntiTCC & some other mutators

- Two grenade throwing modes (Fire/AltFire)

- Unaimed firing mode has more recoil than aimed

- Weapon ROFs reduced

- AR Recoils increased

- Some code fixes for knife

SF2004 V2.1 Beta 3

- Negative round score was not reducing total score. Fixed.

- Scoreboard re-coded.

- Awarding system known from UT99:SF implemented.

- New server side option; Kickback Scale gives u damage if you cause any for teammate (Fall damage, FF).

- Pistol penetration increased.

- Some Precaching changes made.

- Reduced bobbing.

- Footstep sound radius reduced.

- New Hit Effects by Mr. Evil implemented in SF code.

- GoodKarma Physics Mod by DaJMasta added to SF packages. A bit limited/buggy code but cool.

- Proper HitBone check.

- No more differences on single player & online game damages.

- An another try to fix grenade bugs :o

- Frag Grenade shellshock implemented, new nade flying Physics.

- Whistling implemented. New key in keyconfig.

- Halt animation used as Typing animation.

- Different bullet penetration levels for different surfaces: Rock -20%, Metal -10%, Wood +10%, Dirt & Plant +20%

SF2004 V2.1 Beta 2

- Server Admin mutator build-in game code.

- M4 clip bug fixed.

- MP5 Semi rof fixed.

- Bullet penetration decreased.

- Smoke grenade does not explode before it has landed.

- Decreased footstep volume a little (0.25->0.1).

- Fall damage level adjusted (680->690).

- Default IRC server changed to, default channel set to #strikeforce.

- Ladder climbers will fall when got hit.

- Logon routines rewritten, remembers player class & team etc on map change/reconnect (if team balancing is off).

- Jump height decreased.

- Sniper rifles recoil increased.

- Sniper rifles are instakill weapons when hit to Head.

- For all weapons: Head zone/Spine hit damages are now higher than "normal" hits.

- Pistols make more damage.

- Key configuration panel fixed, ut stuff removed.

- Zoomed aim/unzoomed aim modes, "normal" aim is unzoomed, new key added for zoomed aim.

- Target Player name texts fixed.

- Smoke/Incendiary grenade explosion effects removed during round change.

- Bullet tracers.

- Whole code fixed to get rid of all compile warnings.

- Surface related footstep sounds,

- Player characters has more mass-> more realistic physics,

- Team balancing works now,

- Player class selection shows now what is the situation of team sizes in next round (situation with current team change pending).

- Heartbeat slows down when walking fixed.

- Heartbeat & Breathing volume/repeat rate heartbeat related.

SF2004 V2.1 Beta 1

- All game bug fixes from my mutator added to SF game code itself.

- BehindView/Ghostcam/AdminViewAll options added to game code.

- Footstep Volume raised (0.15->0.25).

- UTSF like target player identification system.

- New Scoreboard.

- Base swap.

- Wobble for terrorist sniper.

- More scope wobble when moving.

- Fall damage level adjusted (750->680).

- New grenade throwing system.

- Supports breakable objects now.

- Bullet penetration.

- Environmental hit effects.

- Hit feedback fixed.

- Can jump once with 150+ pulse.

- Karma rag doll deaths fixed.

- Weapon names changed for exact ones.

- Game version info etc added to server browser's server detail window.

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UT2004 - Strike Force 2004 v3.01[Zipped - Mac/Linux/Windows]

Strike Force is a modification for Unreal Tournament 2004...

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