Anarchy Online: Shadowlands 7-Day Trial

The critically acclaimed Shadowlands expansion is now...

Anarchy Online: Shadowlands 7-Day Trial

The critically acclaimed Shadowlands expansion is now available for download. This 7-Day trial includes Anarchy Online, Anarchy Online - Notum Wars and Anarchy Online - Shadowlands. A credit card will be required to sign up for the free trial, but you will not be billed during the 7 days. If you would like to continue playing after the trial, you can

purchase the trial version

for 39.95 USD / EUR. This includes Anarchy Online, AO - Notum Wars and AO - Shadowlands and 30 days of game-time. After downloading and installing the game just click the account button in the game launcher. If you are an existing user of Anarchy Online you can

upgrade your current account

to include both Shadowlan

Last Updated: 17 June 2003

1. Table of Contents


Table of Contents




Registering an account

Starting the game

Character Creation

System Requirements


Frequently Asked Questions

2. Introduction


This Read-Me file contains the correct procedure for installing and running

Anarchy Online on your system. It also contains a list of Frequently

Asked Questions with answers.

3. Installation


Installation procedure:

>From CD

1a. Insert CD 1 in the CD/DVD-ROM drive. With auto-run enabled the

installation process starts automatically.

1b. If auto-run is disabled, locate CD 1 in Windows Explorer and double

click setup.exe

2. In the installer, click NEXT

3. You will be prompted to accept the License Agreement. Click YES to


4. The installer will automatically make a search for a current version

of Anarchy Online on your computer. If found, click NEXT to install

Anarchy Online including Shadowlands to the same folder as your current

installation. None of your settings for Anarchy Online, like custom

skins and maps, will be overwritten.

If you do not want the installation in the same folder, click

BROWSE to select a different folder.

5. If you do not have Anarchy Online installed on your computer the

installer will suggest a folder for you. If you wish to change it, do so

before clicking NEXT.

6. A summary of your installation will be displayed, click NEXT to

accept, the installation is carried out.

DirectX8 or higher is required. If you do not have DirectX8 or higher

installed on your computer, you will find a separate installer on the

Anarchy Online CD.

>From download

Double-click on the downloaded zip archive and choose extract. Place the

files in a folder of your choice. Then open that folder and double-click

on the file called setup.exe to start the installation process.

Step through the installation by clicking the button labelled Next until

you are asked to decide where you want to install the game. The

installation will scan your hard drives for a Games folder to install

into, for example "C:\Games\Funcom\Anarchy Online", if nothing else is

specified. You can change these settings by selecting a different target

folder, for example Program Files. Click Next to continue.

When the installation is finished and you have made shortcuts to the game

in the Start Menu (if desirable), you will need to register an account.

Make sure to start the game and read the End User License Agreement



4. Patching


Patching is normally done automatically when you start Anarchy Online. If

your client is not of the latest version, the automatic patching will

start as soon as you press Login on the login screen (even with blank

username and password fields). Note that if you need to patch it will say

so in the Dimension pull-down menu. Also, the version numbers for your

local client software and the remote version (on the servers) are always

listed at the top of the launcher window.

If you experience trouble with the automatic patching, please use the

manual patch procedure below.

Manual patch procedure:

-Download the patch(es) you need. These can always be found on the


page on the official site


Please make sure to save the patches in a folder you won't delete by


in case you need them again, as some of them are very large and take a


to download.

-Run the patches one by one by double clicking the patch file. Follow the

instructions you get; choose the correct folder where you installed Anarchy

Online (usually C:\Program Files\Funcom\Anarchy Online) and choose yes


prompted whether you want to overwrite files or not. Make absolutely sure

that you are patching in the correct order.

Between each patch, if you are doing several, make sure that you hit "I

Accept" on the EULA, as some files will be renamed after you do this.

Failing to do this might lead to missing or outdated files. If you should

hit "I Decline" by mistake, running that particular patch all over again

will fix the problem.

Do not hit "login" on the login screen unless you want to start the

automatic patching.

5. Registering an account


Registration procedure:

You can register by starting Anarchy Online (click the Anarchy Online

shortcut under your Start Menu) and clicking the Account button in the

startup dialogue, or by connecting to the Internet at

. Make sure to start the game and read the

End User Licence Agreement before registering.

Choose Create a new account.

Enter a username, password, and a valid e-mail address. Enter the serial

number printed on your game CD to create a new account.

You will be asked to submit your credit card and payment details.

Your credit card will not be charged until the month included in the licence

is up.After you have entered the serial number printed on your game CD,


need to select a billing plan: Monthly, quarterly, or twice-annually. You

will receive a discount if you sign up for the extended billing plans.

Fill in your credit card details. All transactions are secure, and your

billing details will only be used for the specified charges. Your

subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the specified

period unless you choose to cancel your account. The first month is

included in the game licence, and if you choose to cancel your account

before the first month is up, your credit card will not be charged.

Review and confirm the details.

Please take a few minutes to fill out your personal profile. This is

optional, but it helps us provide you with better service in the future.

You are finally ready to enter the world of Rubi-Ka! Sign on using your

username and password as specified in the registration, and click Play!

The Shadowlands

In order to access Shadowlands you will need to log into an active

Anarchy Online account at and register your

Shadowlands key.

The Shadowlands key below activates Shadowlands. Every key is exclusive

to the account it is registered to, and can only be used once. If the

seal of your box is broken, the key is considered used and the box

cannot be re-sold.

With the Shadowlands expansion you will also get access to the features

of the Anarchy Online Booster Pack, The Notum Wars.

6. Starting the game


Every time you run Anarchy Online, you need to log in with your chosen

username and password. If you have already registered, you need to use the

name and password you entered in the registration process. If you have not

registered, please do so now. You can choose to save the password and


it easier and quicker to log in the next time; to do so, check the

"Remember Password" box.

The login screen contains important information about the current version

of the game, as well as special announcements. You may want to spend a


minutes looking through the messages before clicking the Login button.

You can now create a new character, or continue playing a character that

you have already created. You can also delete a character - just keep in

mind that deleting a character is permanent. Before you move on, please

make sure that you have selected the correct display driver and

preferences by pressing the green button with a picture of a video card to

the far right under Hardware Setup.

Select an appropriate screen resolution and, if you have more than one

video card installed, the video card you want to use. You can also choose

to run Anarchy Online in a window, by checking the "Run in window" box.

This may affect game performance. To play the introductory movie

before the game starts, check the "Play introductory movie" box. Press

Play when you are ready to proceed.

7. Character creation


After successfully logging into Anarchy Online for the first time you need

to create a new character. This character is your alter ego on Rubi-Ka. As

a blank "human" template, you will automatically enter a room where you

can visually customize the character you want to play. You can choose your

breed, appearance, body-fat ratio and height, profession, nick-name,

random full name and, finally, which side of the conflict you want to be


Left clicking on any of the question mark boxes found in the training

areas, will provide you with audio instructions. Holding down the shift

button and left clicking any object will provide you with an information

window about the object.

First Stage - Select Breed


There are four different breeds to choose from - three of them have both

male and female forms, while one is androgynous. The breeds are

represented on the seven separate templates in front of you. Choose a

breed by left-clicking one of the templates, or investigate a breed by

holding the cursor over one of the templates.

After selecting your breed, your character will be transformed into his or

her new shape. If you are unhappy with your choice, simply select another

breed by left-clicking the relevant template. When you have made your final

choice, left-click the next button in the down right corner of your screen.

You will now continue to the character creation process.

Second Stage - Select Size, Body Type, and Face


Your physical appearance is determined by three factors; Facial


Body Shape and Height.

Begin by choosing a facial appearance. Cycle through the different choices

by left-clicking the two buttons above your character.

To the right on your screen there are three buttons that determine your

height, and three that determine your weight. Adjust these till you are happy

with the looks of your avatar.

Once you have finalized your character's physical appearance, left-click the

next button in the down right corner of your screen. You can always go back

to the previous step of the character creation process, though it will not reset

any of your choices.

Third Stage - Selecting a Profession


The twelve boxes on your right represent the twelve different

professions available on Rubi-Ka.

For indepth information please read the game manual

Investigate a profession by holding the cursor over the relevant box. Select a

profession by left-clicking it. As long

as you stay in this room, you can change your profession as many times as

you wish, and you can also jump back to previous rooms to modify your

appearance and breed. When you are pleased with your choice, left-click the

next button in the down right corner of your screen.

Profession alternatives:


Keeps a low profile to gather information or liquidate unwanted elements

through technological means and concealment.


Healing the forces while they fight for their respective cause using both

nano and more regular healing skills. Normally evades any form of combat,

but able to defend him/herself if cornered.


Mixing the brute force of the soldier with the cunning and calculation of

the thief, the enforcer is always in high demand when total ruthlessness

is the last resort.


They control, repair and manipulate equipment in a world where technology

is dominant. Robot pets and electronics are their speciality, but they are

also able to handle a certain amount of nano-technology.


Though not very adept at direct combat, he uses his theoretical and

manipulative superiority to get his way within the vast bureaucratic

channels on the planet.


Prefers the quietness and excitement of nature to the hectic hustle and

bustle of big city life. Needs cunning and a wide range of knowledge and

expertise to survive the most arduous of existences.

Meta Physicist

Not satisfied that the world has reached its scientific zenith, and

questions whether everything is explicable by science. Devotes a lot of

time on spiritual matters in trying to explain some of the phenomena in


Nano Technician

Direct nano technology is their game, and they are easily recognisable

from the ever-present cloud of nano-bots surrounding their person.

Scientific geniuses that make the more advanced nano technology seem so

easy, that other people conceive it as magic.


Likes the monetary opportunities in the big cities and prefer to utilise

their capitalistic talents to get ahead in the world rather than engage in

direct combat.


Operates on the edge of the law, acquiring anything on demand if the price

is right, and works as an intermediary in the underworld of Rubi- Ka.


Adept fighters and loyal servants of whichever cause they believe in.

Operates as guards, patrolmen and warriors.

Martial Artist

Questions whether constant development and technical advancement is the

true route to happiness, and seeks an alternative in a more spiritual life

to balance the eternal strife for progress that dominates the planet.


The Keeper is a fighter that radiates valour and heroism - a beacon of light

and hope to the team. A formidable opponent who specialises in close

combat, the Keeper is especially proficient wielding two-handed edged

weapons. This profession's uniqueness lies in the ability to share life and

diverse powers with nearby allies. As a genetically engineered profession

dependent on an abundance of notum, the Keeper must begin life in the Jobe

research facilities in the Shadowlands.


The Shade is a mix between a predator and a parasite. Dark and aggressive,

the Shade sucks the life and energy out of opponents, robbing them of the

basic elements they need to subsist. The Shade stays out of harm's way by

relying on concealment and good combat mobility. Shades can't wear any

armour, but have nanotechnologiacally enhanced tattoos grafted into their

skin to give them some protection. As a genetically engineered profession

dependent on an abundance of notum, a Shade must begin life in the Jobe

research facilities in the Shadowlands.

Fourth Stage - Name your character


Here you choose your name on Rubi-Ka. You can either type in a name of

your choice, or hit the suggest button for a random one. Please note that not

all names will be accepted, they might already be taken by another


When you have named your character, left-click the next button to proceed

to the Arriwal Hall.

Fifth Stage - Selecting your standing in the conflict


The moment of truth has arrived: Will you be a member of a Clan, stay

Neutral, or sign up with Omni-Tek? Make your choice by walking through


of the three doors in front of you.

Your choice of affiliation will also decide your starting location:

Neutral - If you decide to stay neutral, your chosen door will take you to

Newland City or Borealis.

Clan - A clan-affiliated character will be transported to Tir , Old Athen

or Athen West.

Omni-Tek - An Omni-Tek employee will emerge in Omni-1 entertainment

district, Omni-1 trade district , Rome blue district or Rome green


Jobe - You will be taken to the training ground in Nascence, and choose

your alignment at a later time.

Familiarize yourself with all the alternatives - both affiliation and

starting location - before going any further. This manual contains

information that should help you make a considered and responsible choice.

Congratulations! You have created a new character, and you are now a

Rubi-Ka citizen. An entire world lies at your feet! Well, actually, to

begin with, the training grounds, your backyard and your apartment. To

exit those areas, the Advisors of Rubi Ka demand, for your own safety,

that you first have either reached level 2, or have gathered 1000 credits.

Before you get access to the cities, this is where you can buy startup

equipment, take on a mission, or just hang out and chat with other


8. System Requirements


These are the system requirements to play Anarchy Online.


* Pentium III 450

* Internet Connection, 56 kb modem

* Win 98/ME/2000/XP

* 128 MB RAM


* Direct3D 32mb Video Card

* DirectX compatible sound device

* 1,2 GB free HD space


* As minimum

* 1 GHz CPU

* 384 MB RAM

* 64Mb Direct3D Video Card w/T&L processor

9. Help


If you encounter any problems during installation or start-up of the game,

please have a look at the Anarchy Online web site,

for troubleshooting tips and

suggestions. Here you will also find a detailed overview of commands to

use in-game.

10. Frequently asked questions


A more complete FAQ can be found at the Anarchy Online web site:


Q: When patching I get this error message: Query Info failed (12150)?

A: This usually happens on computers running Windows 95 and Microsoft

Internet Explorer 3.X or older. We suggest that you upgrade your Internet

Explorer browser to 4.X or newer.

Q: I install Anarchy Online and get a 'dll' error when I try to start the

game. Are there any solutions?

A: If you are using Win95, start the winsock file on the CD that is called

W95ws2setup. The game should now start.

Q: Why don't I hear any sounds in the game?

A: Try the following suggestions:

1) If you do not hear any sounds, choose Opt -> Sound Options in the

Anarchy Online client. Be sure that the sound checkbox is selected (a

checkmark is present). Turn the master volume up.

2) Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed as well as

the latest drivers for your sound card.

Q: I have problems with the graphics. They seem messed up. What should I


A: Here are some things that could help:

1) Install the latest drivers for your video card. A list of supported

drivers can be found at


2) Choose a lower resolution.

3) Check to be sure you have installed the latest version of DirectX.


Q: How am I able to get through a firewall?

A: This depends on the policy of your network department concerning

security and what kind of traffic they want.

Anarchy Online should work fine if the firewall lets you open connections

from inside the firewall. If this isn't possible, you will have to bring

up this issue with the department responsible for the firewall.

These are the ports that should be opened on your network if you are

playing Anarchy Online: 80, 7500 - 7504 and 7012

Q: Why do I get a 'dimension not available' or 'could not connect to login-

handler' error message?

A: The reason could be that you are playing behind a fire wall. Please see

the question above about this. This could also be caused by server

downtime (scheduled or unscheduled). Check to see if the server(s)is/are


Q: Before patching I get the error message 'dimension file does not

correctly reflect the server version'. What could I do?

A: A web cache or proxy most probably causes this. The list of dimensions

and the version each dimension runs is downloaded from a web server

whenever Anarchy Online starts. If this file is old because it got cached

somewhere between you and our servers, the game will find that the

dimension file says something else than the server itself (which will

always give the proper version number when asked).

To manually remedy this, open your web browser and go to this URL: This

is the dimension file Anarchy Online downloads on Startup. If the version

is not reflecting the remote version shown in the Anarchy Online launcher,

you must force your web browser to do a reload from our web server. In

Internet Explorer, holding CTRL while clicking on reload does this. In

Netscape you must hold SHIFT while clicking reload. After that, you should

see the correct file.

Q: I am unable to login.

A: First, check the Anarchy Online web site,

for more troubleshooting information,

or to check for server downtime. If the information on the community site

doesn't help, contact



Q: Will I be able to send a petition in the game?

A: Yes, you may submit a 'petition' for help by typing the command

"/petition" (without the quotes). Please understand the petition command

is not for suggestions or feedback, but for in-game problems only.

Q: How could I get to become a volunteer in Anarchy Online?

A: We are always looking for dedicated individuals with thorough


of Anarchy Online for recruitment into the ARK volunteer program


of Rubi-Ka). We have an application form for this on the Anarchy Online

web site,


Q: I think I've found a bug. What should I do?

A: Please contact Support using the feedback form on the Anarchy

Online web site,

. Please provide a

detailed description of the bug you've found, as well as information about

your computer including what Operating System, video and sound card


using. Also, include your account login name, your character name, your

character's location at the time the bug was discovered and what time

(real-time) the bug was discovered.

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