Extinct Lifeform Hunt

"This is the second Half-Life level I've made."...

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  • Program by Barry A. Bollinger

Extinct Lifeform Hunt

"This is the second Half-Life level I've made."

*Author Information*

Title :Extinct Lifeform Hunt

Author :Barry A. Bollinger - New Freedom, PA

Date :5/31/1999

Filename :extinct.bsp

Email Address :[email protected]

Web Site :Barry's Half-Life Site -

Description :This is the second Half-Life level I've made. Comments and suggestions are valuable to me. If you download and play this level please e-mail me and let me know what you think of it.

*Play Information*

Single Player :Yes.

Deathmatch :No.

Cooperative :No.

Difficulty Settings :Yes, though there won't be much of a need for them since there are no hostiles in this map.

New textures :No.

New sounds :No.

Running the level :After you unzip the file, put extinct.bsp into your Sierra\Half-Life\

valve\maps directory. Go into Half-Life's console mode and type "map extinct". You can type "skill X" (X being 1=easy, 2=medium, 3=difficult) beforehand, if you want to change the difficulty setting. If you don't know how to enable the console you can visit my site and go to the cheats page to learn how.

*Level description*

This is a different type of single player map, there are no enemies, goals, puzzles, or even an ending. It mainly contains lifeforms that were cut from the final version of Half-Life, usually in groups of four. It is labeled a hunt in the title, but it is more like shooting sitting ducks. Most of the lifeforms don't have any artificial intelligence or sound effects. They don't fight back or even move much. The only exception is the alien bats that I included because I like the sound that they make. I also included some objects cut from Half-Life, some of them work, others don't. I also included some Gordon models just for fun. Some of the lifeforms used aren't fully developed, several alien creatures bleed red blood as well as some mechanical enemies. The rat creature even dies continually after you kill one. I made this level to get a better look at the characters and creatures that got cut from the game. I don't know much about them, just their names and a short description. You can check out what I know about them on my web site (URL listed above) on the Lifeforms that got cut page.

* Credits *

Thanks to Valve for creating one Hell of a good game, and for creating and releasing Worldcraft. Thanks to other authors of single player maps for inspiring me to make my own.

Thanks to Vlad for his water tutorial.

Thanks to Dann for his tutorial on extra monsters.

* Prefabs *

I used some of the prefabs included with Worldcraft.


Base :Scratch.

Editor used :Worldcraft 2.1.

Build time :2 days

Known bugs :None.

Textures :All.

Compile machine :IBM Thinkpad, Pentium 150, 32 MB RAM.

* Permissions *

These files may be used and distributed freely, as long as the files remains intact. No part of these files may be recreated in any way, shape or form without my written permission. You must get my permission to put any of these files on a CD or any other type of electronic/digital media if you intend to sell it. Half Life is a registered trademark of Valve software.

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