Half-Life - PVK Beta 2.31

A battle between Pirates, Vikings, and Knights! The teams...

Half-Life - PVK Beta 2.31

A battle between Pirates, Vikings, and Knights! The teams fight with very different, mostly medieval, weapons. These aren't your usual gun or knife, there's crossbows, swords, axes, daggers, bows, spears, parrots, shields and more! Twenty different weapons, three teams with three classes each, four different game modes!


Over 20 different highly detailed weapons from swords to muskets, bows and a parrot

Many different great-looking and very detailed maps

Three teams, each with three classes. This makes nine different characters to play as!

Great looking player models

Four different game play-modes

So many more I can't list them here...


The weapons in PVK don't have anything to do with those in CS, of course. You won't find any MP5s or something similar!

They are mostly medieval. For example, you can fight your enemies with a big two-handed sword, a great stone hammer, akimbo axes, a musket, a bow, a flail and many more.


There are 9 different classes in PVK. They all have different weapons and, of course, their own model.

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