DC Outskirts

Gentlemen, the Coallition has captured and hastly rebuilt...

DC Outskirts

Gentlemen, the Coallition has captured and hastly rebuilt the "Ali's Zapra Airfeild" and are now launching a "Combined" attack aimed at the enemy HQ , Oil Depot, and Armor Depot on the outskirts of "Dralli Kguss".

"This is WTF news "Super Dave Osborne" reporting live from

the Middle-East. A huge armor column has in fact emerged from

the "Ali's Zapra Airfield" which has been transformed into a

defensive position very quickly by the Army Engineers to fend any

Iraqui counter-offensive.This column consisting of Humvees,

Light ,Heavy tanks ,Artillery and AA vehicules is heading towards

the towm of "Dralli Kguss" as we speak, with A10s ,Apaches and a BlackHawk

for Air Support.Intelligence says that Iraqui opposition should

consist of light and heavy armor including AA-Armor and reports

say that a Scud Launcher has been sighted in the vicinity of the City.

Air support is highly improbable for the Iraqui who are relying almost

completely on AA the take care of the Coallition Air Force.

It sounds like the artillery barrage still going on and the flashes

on the horizon only make me wonder about the devastation they

inflict on the enemy.

This is "Super Dave Osborne" from WTF News at "Ali's Zapra Airfield" in Iraq."

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