'HL Shadows', Part 1

A dreadful accident has occurred.....

'HL Shadows', Part 1

A dreadful accident has occurred... escape!

* Play Information *

Title : 'HL Shadows', Part 1

Filename :

Author : ProMagnoN

Other lvls by author : moebius2, moebius, pipes, moog3, torture

Email address : [email protected]

Home page :

Description : Read below! STORYLINE...

Additional Credits to : ValvE!!! Sierra!!! Worldcraft!!!

Difficulty Settings : Well, try it on hard, I dare ya!

New Textures : A very few.

CD Track : ??? what? Which one?

* Construction *

Base : Skratch for all of them

Editor(s) used : WorldCraft!

Compile Machine : P2-300 with

Compile time : AGES! Were talking days & days here.

Build time : More days & days but the hardware AGP accel helped...


::: STORY LINE (HEH) :::


What a party, eh! Those barneys sure know how to throw one, and the

antics of that professor, what was his name? The one with the mustache?

Ah who cares, anyways, hell of a party, and then some. Of course, most of

it lies quite dead in your memory, as you blacked out somewhere halfway, a

short while after someone brought in some home made drinks, created in his

lab while the supervisor wasn't looking, then kept running under pretense of

biological experiments! Applejack, that's for sure!

Now its The Next Morning. You vaguely remember someone shaking you and shouting

about an appointment at the Anomolous Materials lab. After having ignored them

for long enough they left grumbling something about having to find someone else

to do it.

You wake up with a sudden awful realisation that it's the building, not your

stomach rumbling, and all hell seems to have broken loose. You hop off your

bunk in the dormatories level of the 'pylon 4' tower which you have a room in,

and head off to investigate...




Well, this 'episode' is what might have happened if you, Gordon Freeman,

did not in fact wake up slightly late for the Experiment but in fact, didn't

wake up until MUCH LATER, finding all hell broken loose, since someone ELSE

had executed the ill fated experiment instead...




Unzip this file to your halflife dir, keeping the directory info in

the archive. If that fails, make sure the file pmcust.wad is in your

halflife/valve directory and the bsp files are in your halflife/valve/maps

directory and the .n?? files are in the halflife/valve/maps/graphs directory!

Go to console, type skill


is the dificulty you want, 0 = piss easy

and 3 = hell, and 9 = uberhell!!!!! Press enter.

then type "map pmm00" to begin. (press enter, duh...)




This is just the FIRST PART of the scenario, its about 8 BSP's. In it, you have

to escape from the tower-pylon-thiny you wake up in. Not an easy task... as you

will see!

Half Life Shadows will eventually become a full blown MOD for half life. With

new weapons, new monsters, and some really really interesting predicaments and

puzzles. I am working as fast as time allows, after all there's only 20 waking

hours in each day, eh? =)

I also need that SDK. Then you will see something indeed!


Features/notes of this first part:

* Actual times that the flashlite ACTUALLY BECOMES USEFUL! Use it!

* watch out for environmental hazards. I try and make it kinda obvious but I

STILL see my beta testers go running into shock machines etc... maybe they just

curious? I mean, a barney runs into it and gets gibbed what makes them think

that THEY will survive???

* If you find yourself in the room with the writing all over the walls saing,

"Well done, you have reached the end... blah blah" then guess what! It's the

end of this first EPISODE not the whole thing, I'm still working on the next

episode, etc... just wait for it, in the mean time why not play it again on

hard skill level? Or email me comments!

* This is not fixed to be the final outcome when the patch is done. Since I plan

to add new monsters/weapons/items, etc... these maps might be modified quite

differently in the final product but thats waaay in the future =)


Feedback? [email protected]


Following: Standard disclaimer!


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

NO MODIFICATIONS!!!. If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE


This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.

You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in

any way without my permission.

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