Red Orchestra Mod v1.2 [Windows]

Red Orchestra brings you in-depth infantry combat on the...

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Red Orchestra Mod v1.2 [Windows]

Red Orchestra brings you in-depth infantry combat on the Eastern Front of WWII. With the emphasis on realism and authenticity, the Soviet Red Army meets the German Army on the ground across battlefields from Kiev through Stalingrad and on to the Reichstag in Berlin. Real weapons. Real battles. Real soldiers.

Red Orchestra Public Beta v1.2.0 Readme


- Fixed the bug that was causing locational sound inconsistences in first person. This included weapon firing, grenade throwing, and grenade cooking sounds.

- Fixed a problem where recoil would sometimes be applied before the weapon was fired, causing the bullet to miss its target.

- It is now easier to see through the 3d scopes, particularly on dark maps

- Fixed the mouse sensitivity while prone. The mouse speed no longer moves super slow while crawling.

- Optimized an area that was slowing down FPS for sniper weapons

- Did some optimization to the sprinting algorithm

- Fixed an animation problem where sprinting with an empty pistol played the animation of a non-empty pistol

- Changed the way the explosion timer on grenades is handled to reduce cases where the grenade explodes late on clients

- Fixed the end of game camera behavior

- Fixed some incorrect player animations with sniper rifles

- Fixed shrapnel on the F1 grenade

- Removed ability to change scope detail while bolting after a shot from scope view

- Fixed problem where throwing away all your weapons would bring up a grenade

- Fixed cases where hit effects did not play properly in network games, they should work all the time now

- Fixed incorrect animations for crawling with pistols

- Fixed an accessed none with AddHudDeathMessage()

- Fixed crouch eye height

- Stick grenades now properly rotate online when thrown.

- Third person bayonet attachment should work now

- Fixed exploit in offline games where going to texture scope view with a sniper rifle, then throwing it away would leave the player with a zoomed FOV

- Fixed not being able to hear other people throw grenades online

- Player karma has been changed to fix the equipment jiggling when a player died

- Fixed a problem where throwing the last grenade would cause the system to jump to the idle anim and skip the throw anim


- Increased the bayonet damage to 100-120 from 70-85 to increase riflemen's close combat fighting ability

- Removed the ability to bash or bayonet while prone

- You can now move at normal speed when bolting after a shot in iron sights with a bolt-action rifle

- Changed text on the objectives map to black

- Increased falling damage

- Increased default delay time at the end of game

- Started adding 3rd person weapon animations and more player animations

- Magazine status messages no longer show up in the console

- Weapon Touch and Pickup messages no longer show up in the console

- Ammo Touch and Pickup messages no longer show up in the console

- Made some changes to reduce network bandwidth usage

- Reduced the number of dirt particles in the grenade explosion to lower system load

- Lowered the grenade explosion sound volume.

- Globally increased smg recoil by roughly 20% and smg spread by roughly 20% to address 'SMG sniping'

- Increased the lifetime of the weapon and ammo touch messages to 2.5s from 1.5s

- Tweaked the throw velocities on the grenades. The stick grenade has a farther throw distance than the F1.

- Slightly reduced the sound radius of hit sounds

- Changed the text in the class selection area to say what type of grenade is carried

- Increased the iron sights FOV on the pistols so they don't look so close to your face

- New 1st person hand models and hand skins for all weapons

- New first person models for the MP-40, G-43 and PPSH-41

- New weapon sounds for all weapons

- New German player skins

- New version of the Red Orchestra Mac Launcher. It's needed to view the new intro sequence.

New Weapons:

- German MP-41 has been added. This weapon is only available in RO-Warsaw

- Russian PPD-40 has been added. This weapon is only available in RO-MoscowHighway

New Features:

- New intro sequence has been added, say good-bye to Gorge

- Added the command "Reset" for Admins allowing for rounds to be reset without reloading the level

- Added HL-style death messages

- Added objective completion and end of round sounds

- Added the objective status icons to the objectives display. These will show the current ownership of the objectives on the map.

- More conventional damage system

- New grenade explosion effect has been added. This effect will be played when the grenade is on the ground, otherwise the old effect will be used as an 'airburst'

- The Mosin-Nagant rifles now eject the proper color shells...they're green

- Grenade pickups operate the same way as weapon and ammo pickups, you must press the 'Use' key to add it to your inventory. NOTE: It is not possible to pickup live grenades.

- Changed two of the ammo pickup classes and their touch and pickup messages.

i. PPSh-41 ammo is now known as '71 round 7.62x25mm drum magazine'. This ammo is now shared with the PPD-40

ii MP-40 ammo is now know as '32 round 9x19mm magazine'. This ammo is now shared with the MP-41

- New projectile-based shell system has been added. This new system includes surface-specific hit sounds and bounce properties, for example a shell landing in snow will not bounce or make any sounds, while a shell hitting metal will bounce and roll and make a distinct sound. This system only works in the 1st person view, you will not see other people's shells hitting the ground....for now.

- Grenade projectiles now reflect off surfaces depending on the surface type. For example, a grenade landing in snow will plop down while a grenade hitting a metal surface will bounce.

- All grenades have a 1% chance of being a dud

- Added small Easter Egg :)

- New first person grenade system has been implemented. See below for a list of changes and additions.

Grenade System Overview:

- Two throw modes now exist, overhand throw(primary fire) and underhand throw(secondary fire)

- The fuse on the German stick grenade is active as soon as the cord is pulled

- Grenade cooking is active on the F1 grenade for both over- and under-hand throws. To cook a grenade press and hold the fire or secondary fire button and draw the weapon back. Once the grenade has been drawn back, press the opposite fire button to cook the grenade( if you're doing an overhand throw press the secondary-fire button to cook the grenade, if you're doing an underhand throw press the fire button to cook the grenade).

- Grenade auto throwing is disabled, you can now hold grenades indefinitely...assuming they haven't been cooked yet.

- Fuze lengths are as follows:

Stick grenade 4.5 seconds

F1 grenade 4.0 seconds

- Grenades have 'dead man drops'. If you're killed with an active grenade in your hand, it will get dropped and explode.

New Maps:

- RO-Warsaw

- RO-MoscowHighway


- The Red Orchestra Team has dropped official support of the map RO-Stanislalovo.

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