Mini Sheep Tag 0.5 Beta

Mini sheep tag is an mini game genre unique map...

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Mini Sheep Tag 0.5 Beta

Mini sheep tag is an mini game genre unique map. 5 sheep players against 2 wolves. Sheeps must surivie by building farms to obstruct them, while the wolves eat the sheep...

Check out these features that give this map and unique to play!

-Choose from 3 style of terrain areas to play in (vote first)

-Mini structures and units give the game an " creative " look

-Good range of buildings to build for the sheeps

-Buildable areas which have advantage on how you build on them

-An choice for you to play with your on terrain to create in the map

on the terrain selection area (HOST only)

PLEASE NOTE: This is not finished, final version. There are still a few bugs, problems, fixes and improvements not yet discovered and to be added on to the map throughout the beta process... please contact for further notices of these problems you find.

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