GLHexen 2 Retail Application (Macintosh)

This is for the Retail version of Hexen 2 for the PC version...

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GLHexen 2 Retail Application (Macintosh)

This is for the Retail version of Hexen 2 for the PC version to use on the Mac. See more info to see the retail readme for installation instructions.

Hexen 2 for the MacOS (verson 0.8.1)

®1997-2000 Raven Software


- Full version of Hexen 2 for the PC.

- MacOS 8.6 or higher

- 36 MB RAM (48 recommended) + 128 MB Virtual Memory

- A video card that supports OpenGL with at least 4MB of VRAM. A Rage 128, Voodoo3 or higher are strongly recommended.

What is this?

Back in 1997, Raven Software released Hexen 2 for Windows 95, but the game never made it to the Mac. They have since released the source code, so we are able to bring you a MacOS version of Hexen 2 at last!

Hexen 2 is the 3rd in a series of games by Raven Software. The first was Heretic, followed by Hexen, and this entry: Hexen 2. Hexen 2 was followed on the PC by Heretic 2, which to date has not been ported to the Mac. For details on gameplay and some background on the game itself, please see the "Help" folder on the Hexen 2 CD.

How do I use this?

1. If you want to play the retail version of Hexen 2, you will need to buy the PC version to use on the Mac. Some suggested online stores:, We have no affiliation with any online retailer.

2. Once you have the PC CD in hand, copy the "data1" folder from the "Install->Hexen2" directory on the PC CD to the same location as the "GLHexen 2" application on your Mac.

3. Optional: if you have access to a PC, you should run the 1.11 updater on the PC data before you copy the Mac progs.dat file that comes with this application. This isn't strictly necessary, but it helps.

4. Take the "progs.dat" file from within the 'place into "data1"' folder that comes with the Mac application and copy it into the data1 folder that you just copied from the CD. Now you're ready to play!

Mac-specific notes

Since Hexen 2 was ported to the Mac for free based on open-source code, we cannot promise support of any kind. The Mac version is completely unsupported by both Raven and id Software, so please do not e-mail them with any problems - they will most likely ignore you.

You can configure most of the Mac settings by holding down the Command key when double-clicking on the application to start it up. If you are using a mod and need to pass some "command line" parameters to Hexen 2, you can type those commands in a text file, then drag that text file onto the application to treat those commands as if they were typed on a terminal-based command line.

The Mac conversion was done by Brad Oliver ([email protected]) and Frank Condello ([email protected]), based on the work done on GLQuake by David Caldwell and others. Although the conversion was done for free by volunteers in their spare time, we are striving towards a commercial-quality app and we believe it is almost to that level.

Need further help?

If you are having trouble or would like to report a bug, please send an e-mail to either [email protected] or [email protected] with as many details as you can provide, and we'll try to help you out.

Visit the Hexen 2 for Mac homepage at:

Solutions to common problems can be found here:

Tips to improve performance on older hardware are available here:

Known Issues

- The code is based off the open-source Hexen 2 Mission Pack code. That codebase has no explicit support for the regular Hexen 2 release or the demo, but we were able to make it work with a little bit of hacking. You may encounter some minor scripting errors or possibly get dumped back to the Hexen console during a game. In the event this happens, please let us know and try to provide a saved game if possible.

Future Plans

- Add GameRanger support

Version History

0.8.1 - 3 December 2000

- Fixed crash when trying to take a screenshot. Note that the glReadBuffer call is broken in the 3DfxOpenGL driver resulting in garbled screenshots on some Voodoo cards.

- Fixed text file commandline parsing

- Fixed mouse cursor still visible after closing InputSprocket dialog

- Added workaround for z-buffer fighting issue on Radeon cards.

0.8 - 25 November 2000

- First release, in sync with the 1.12 Hexen 2 Mission Pack codebase.

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