Stormtrooper Model

This is a very nicely done Stormtrooper model for Quake 3...

Stormtrooper Model

This is a very nicely done Stormtrooper model for Quake 3.


Place MD3_Stormtrooper.pk3 file into the baseq3 folder located in

the main Quake 3 Arena directory.

Also you may need to create a baseq3/models/players/stormtrooper

if you are having problems seeing the icons in the character

selection screen.

January 28, 2002 (Ver 1.0)


Model Name: Stormtrooper

Pack file: baseq3/MD3_Stormtrooper.pk3

Modeler: Raven Software

Skin Authors: Raven Software

CTF Skins: Raven Software

Animator: Brelan "3-Demon" Duff

Email Addresses: N/A


Original model done in Softimage(R). Exported to 3D Studio Max(R). All manually

created animations(not motion capture) were done using Character Studio(R). MD3

made by Pop 'n' Fresh MD3 exporter and recompiled using Npherno's MD3

compiler. Skins made in PhotoShop(R). Sound files captured from

Star Wars(R) Jedi Knight(R) II: Jedi Outcast(tm).

Model description: Imperial Stormtrooper from the Star Wars universe.


This model is 2689 polygons at the highest LOD(level of detail) setting.

If you experience slowdown while using this model, try setting you

geometric detail to the medium or low setting in the graphics menu. You can also enter the following command in the Quake 3 Arena console:

/r_lodbias #

Substitute the numbers -2, -1, 0, 1, or 2 for the # to change the level of detail in the game. This command controls model, weapon, etc mipmap/geometry detail, range -2 to +2 where +2 is lowest geometry and -2 is highest.

This release does NOT include bot support.

Quake(R) and Quake3(R) are registered trademarks of id software

Star Wars(R), Jedi Knight(R) are registered trademarks of LucasArts Entertainment Company


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