America's Army: Special Forces (Vanguard) v2.1.0 - 2.2.0 Patch

Update your America's Army: Operations v2.1.0 to version...

America's Army: Special Forces (Vanguard) v2.1.0 - 2.2.0 Patch

Update your America's Army: Operations v2.1.0 to version 2.2.0, codenamed America's Army: Special Forces (Vanguard). This latest patch includes two new missions entitled SF Taiga and SF Oasis and also includes several changes, read below for more details!


Glad to hear the download complete in full. We raced around a bit in attempt to provide an alternate (just in-case).

My original "Heads-Up" email contained the ReadMe.txt file which is packaged with the installer. I have also pasted the "What's New" - "What's Fixed" - "What's Changed" below..

And there is no new artwork on this release.

Thanks again! Clint.


What's new


New Multiplayer Missions


Included in this version of America's Army are two new

multiplayer missions. Both of these new missions are

Special Forces missions containing both the Special Forces

playable Soldier class, as well as the Indigenous Forces

playable class.

- SF Oasis:

Enemy forces have established an outpost from which to

launch reconnaissance patrols and conduct ambushes of

friendly indigenous forces operating in a remote

desert location. Reconnaissance of the outpost must

be conducted in order to identify the location of this

guerilla base. A Special Forces ODA, along with the

help of Indigenous Forces, must then proceed to the

proper safe location in order to upload their

reconnaissance findings to HQ.

- SF Taiga:

Enemy forces purchased a small number of SAGGER

anti-armor missiles to better equip their counter-

insurgency forces. They are hiding these missiles

within civilian camps along a high-altitude mountain

road. These missiles will enable the insurgency to

ambush both civilian and government convoys at

extended ranges. A Special Forces ODA along with

Indigenous Forces has been deployed to locate and

destroy SAGGER missile caches in order to disrupt

enemy combat operations within the area of operations.


What's fixed



- Fixed various client crashes

- "JRTC Farm Raid" filters correctly in server browser

- Running in 16-bit windowed mode no longer has render errors

- Fixed reflex sight accuracy

- Fixing "ROE" URL on support page and new-map URL

- Disable "set" command for non-config variables (devmode


- Fix Auth Failure messages that have a URL


- Minor memory fixes

- Fixed various server/client crashes

- Remove "query" exploit

- Fixed server stability issues

- Fixed Admin spectate command

- Memory Leak fixes

- Fixed pb admin commands


What's changed


- Admin kicks no longer give ROE

- Admins can join Min/Max Honor servers

- Admin text is displayed as red

- Allow normal user to be admins on Leased servers

- Disable player color codes

- Add option to restrict by groups

- GameSpy: Display third-party icon

- GameSpy: Display groups field in server info

- Allow Auth to set third-party flag

- Added "Invalid Group" failure message

- Save Group information to savefile

- Notify the player before joining a server that has Group


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