ZDoomGL version 1.22 (0.66)

ZDoomGL is an OpenGL compatible version of ZDoom...

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ZDoomGL version 1.22 (0.66)

ZDoomGL is an OpenGL compatible version of ZDoom. It supports shareware Doom, registered Doom & Doom II. You need to install ZDoom version 1.22 before running ZDoomGL. See more info for some of the readme.txt on what's new.

ZDoomGL V1.22 gl(0.66) [14/05/01]


ZDoomGL is an OpenGL port of ZDoom.

ZDoom (http://zdoom.notgod.com) is a Win32 port of Doom by Randy Heit ([email protected]).

ZDoomGL compiles with Microsoft Visual C V5.0 compiler.

Minimal requirements are a Pentium & 32Mb of memory.

A 3D accelerated card is needed (OpenGL compatible).

It runs fine on a P200 with a voodoo1 3dfx card.

What's new in V0.66:


(compiled with MSVC4)

- Level of details (LOD) for MD2 support:

For each MD2, 4 LOD are created (100% of polygons, 75%, 50% & 25%).

The farther the MD2 is, the lesser LOD it will use.

LOD can be enabled / disabled from the OpenGL option menu (g_bUseMRM console variable).

The distances, which causes LOD switches, can also be adjusted from this menu: it affects the console variable g_iMRMDist.

Dist= the distance from the camera to the MD2:

When g_iMRMDist > Dist, the 100% model will be displayed.

When 2*g_iMRMDist > Dist > g_iMRMDist, the 75% model will be displayed.

When 4*g_iMRMDist > Dist > 2*g_iMRMDist, the 50% model will be displayed.

When Dist > 4*g_iMRMDist, the 25% model will be displayed.

A new "noLOD= 1" parameter has been added in md2.ini (to disable LOD on low polygon models).

[DEBUG version only] Also, the first time you will run ZDoomGL, ".mrm" files will be created (which contain LOD datas). It could take a while.

- Allocation problem in drawing list of floor/ceiling fixed (could cause crashes).

- Appreciable speed improvement when rendering wide open spaces with a lot of multi-sided sectors.

- Bug in MD2 lighting fixed (vertices) + one new mode: "vertices 2".

- New "autorotate= 1" parameter in MD2.ini (to enable rotation of weapons, ammo, etc. like Quake).

- Random crash in console init fixed.

- One bug in texture creation fixed (original Doom transparent texture redefined as a non-transp texture in a PWAD).

- 2 problems in mirror's code fixed (one crash (particles) & one display problem (lens flare)).

- Deep water sector huge speed improvement.

- Scrolling flats speed problem fixed.

- Double-sided textures now scroll correctly.

- "Decals which didn't move on some doors" bug fixed.

- Sector_SetColor now works in deep-water sectors.

- Some optimisation in lightmap2 code (large open space areas with few ligh sources in sight should be rendered faster).

- New floor lighting (only available in "lightmap 2" mode). Some floors can emit light, read lights.txt to know how it works.


- "Double-sided transparent linedefs disapears when mirror in view" bug fixed.

- Mirrors work coorectly with 3Dfx MiniGL drivers (glFrontFace function isn't supported by those drivers).

- "Lens flares displayed twice when a mirror is in view" bug fixed.

- Display problem fixed with the floor lighting system.

- Autorotate flag now works correctly with Interpolated MD2.

- Ceiling display bug fixed when the floor texture is a sky.

- Sky spheres now should be correctly positionned (Cf Doom2 MAP24).

- Useless upper textures aren't displayed anymore (2 sided linedefs which both sectors have a ceiling sky texture).

- MD2 skins greater than 256x256 are now automatically scaled to 256x256 (it crashed with 3Dfx MiniGL).

- Walls with floors/ceilings junction gaps should be less noticeable.


- Objects & transparent/translucent linedef sorting bug fixed.

- Memory allocation problem (which can cause crash or exhaust all system memory) in particle code fixed.


- Redondant texture bug removed (useless bottom et up textures removed).

- Clip planes active in ZBuffer mirror code.

- All light sources preserved after loading a saved game.


- New "-forceresolution" command line parameter to force the engine to use resolution specified by the -width & - height parameters.

- New console command g_bFloorLightFix, used to test new floor lighting system.

- LOD generation disabled in the release version (too unstable). So, pregenerated MRM files are needed.

ZDoomGL has been successfully tested on (with a decent framerate):

P200 + voodoo1 (Win95) [V0.66]

PIII933 + GeForce 2 GTS (Win2000) [V0.66]

PIII500 + TNT2 (WinNT) [V0.3]

PII450 + GeForce 256 (Win98) [V0.2]

PII450 + voodoo2 (Win98) [V0.2]

PII450 + S3 Savage 4 (Win98) [V0.06]

PII300 + G200 [V0.02]

Important note:


You need to install ZDoom before running ZDoomGL.

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