Civilization III - Yet Another Mod

It's time for yet another mod! Modest modifications to base...

  • Category Turn-Based
  • Size 133.3 MB
  • Program by iron0037

Civilization III - Yet Another Mod

It's time for yet another mod! Modest modifications to base Civilization III rules and graphics have been made for overall gameplay enhancement. For a complete list of changes, see the README. Designed by iron0037 with contributions and inspiration from the Civfanatics community. You guys are the best!

TITLE: Yet Another Mod


SIZE: 136 MB

RELEASED: 16 Nov 2008

AUTHOR: iron0037

What's New:

- 122 flavor units!

- 6 new civilizations

- Sioux (replaces Iroqouis)

- Canada (replaces Celts)

- Brazil (replaces Portugal)

- Australia (replaces Byzantines)

- Siam (replaces Sumeria)

- Mali (replaces Hittites)

- New French and Spanish Leaderheads

- Fusilier and Grenadier units

- Constitutional Monarchy government

Primary Gameplay Modifications:

- Overhaul of governments

- Democracy improved!

- Republic downgraded

- Feudalism has communal corruption

- No forced resettlement with Fascism

- Doubled Roads and Railroad turns to complete

- Doubled ship movement rates

- Galleys and Curraghs slowed in ocean

- Revised civilization traits

- Unique Units tweaked

- Settlers and Workers do not require support

- Settlers cost 3 population

- City growth caps at 5/10 instead of 6/12

- Ancient Cavalry open to all with Monarchy

- Bombers require Advanced Flight and do not have land lethal bombard

- Modern Age units rebalanced

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