Toy Trouble

The game is best described as a happy beat 'em up/shooter...

  • Category Shoot 'em Up
  • Size 10.3 MB
  • Program by Toy Trouble Team

Toy Trouble

The game is best described as a happy beat 'em up/shooter. It has elements of both beat 'm up's as well as shoot 'em ups.


Main Programmer:

Michiel Walstra

Character Design:

Duncan Sandt

Michiel Walstra

Level and Weapon Design:

Henk-Johan Ketelaar

Michiel Walstra

Martijn van der Wiel


Martijn van der Wiel

Voice Over:

Duncan Sandt


Lennart Verhoeff

Sound Effects:

Sander Huiberts

Legal Advisor:

Bianca Driessen

Beta Testers:

Patrick Bollebakker

Han Genuit

Henk-Johan Ketelaar

Matt Kris

Robin Rijnbeek

Pim Tiemessen

Knut Urdalen

Stefan Wagtmans

Special Thanks:

Sander Bollen

Anne Boumans

Jeroen de Cloe

Norbert van Geijn

Ingrid Mooy

Paul Steens

Dop Terlingen

Astrid Walstra

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

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