G.I. Joe Mod v1.0 - v1.1Update

This will update your GI Joe mod from version 1.0 to the...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 6.5 MB
  • Program by G.I. Joe Mod Team

G.I. Joe Mod v1.0 - v1.1Update

This will update your GI Joe mod from version 1.0 to the version 1.1 alpha.

What's in the mod






Ferret ATV

GI Joe




Devil Fish



GI Joe Syko Island

GI Joe Syko Coral SAE

GI Joe Volcano Island

Winter War

Weapon Sounds

A new menu look.

Single Player bot support (very early stage but it does work)

Know problems

CO-OP doesn't work right yet. In the test we have run the CO-OP server would load fine but when a client joined the server would kick back to the desktop.

When playing a single player game the Skyhawk will explode after it respawns. This was found last night and we haven't had time to fix it.

The DevilFish my cause a connection error when playing on a server. If you happen to get this while driving try slowing down for a minute or 2. If it continues try getting out of the devilfish. We think this is cause by the spray but it has not been repair as it was found last night after the final objects.rfa build.

The DevilFish also submerges when you drop it from a large ship the best thing to do is just wait for it rise before applying the throttle. The reason it does this is because I wanted it to feel more boat like but that is the side effect of that floating feeling you get from it. If we get a few complaints about it I'll change it back so that it doesn't do that.

On some maps the Fang and SkyHawk don't' want to reload. This was also found after the final build of the objects.rfa was made.

The ram has a tendency to fall over if going over very rough stuff very fast. Once it's over it doesn't like to get back up. This will be fixed.

The ferret's machine guns don't have sound. This was found after the final build.

The ferrets big gun and machine guns are on the same button. This is not a bug but the only way in which we could get all 3 weapons to work.

There is a small line on the blur of the rotor of the fang. This will be fixed.

There are a lot of little skin problems that we haven't gotten to yet but don't worry cause we will get to them.

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering about the skystriker, hiss snow cat and the others. We are working on them. We are going to try to have a new content patch in less than a month.

What we are wanting in the content patch

Hand Weapons



Snow Cat

Polar Bear




Standard Cobra and Joe Grunt skins (for now)

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