Starships Unlimited v3.0 Demo

Here is a fun Space Strategy/Starship Combat Game...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 2.7 MB
  • Program by ApeZone

Starships Unlimited v3.0 Demo

Here is a fun Space Strategy/Starship Combat Game. See more info for detailed features.

No Two Games are Alike

Randomly generated galaxies with 3 possible shapes (spiral, cluster, ring)

The demo is restricted to one galaxy, which may be replayed endlessly

Up to 100 Star Systems with 1 to 4 planets each

Wormholes to connect a few of the star systems

Up to 7 computer controlled races per game

Lots of pre-game customizations

The demo is restricted to a 50 star galaxy and the same races

Research Technologies from 4 different Ages

Technologies are limited to your current age

You advance to higher ages as you make discoveries and explore the galaxy

Each age subtlety changes your combat tactics

Over 150 technologies to discover, with 8 weapon families alone!

Move from Pre-warp Drives to Jump Gates

Train scientists to speed up your research

The demo is restricted to 20 technologies

Customize your Units

A modular design allows you to uniquely customize each unit based on the technologies you have

Larger units have more space but greater yearly upkeep costs

Design component layouts for your starships so they can be automatically serviced when docking over your worlds

Refit your units with your latest technology

Tailor worlds to balance defense, research, production and resource generation

Equip starships for specific missions

Automate tasks such as upgrades and world improvements

Engaging Tactical Combat

Detailed combat system assigns damage to individual components and crew

Train Engineers to speed up repairs

Damaged components have a chance of going offline

Some weapons may cause internal munitions explosions when damaged

Targets can only be shot at when within a weapon's unique fire arc

Moving closer to a target normally increases the odds of scoring a hit

Starship weapons and shields can be mounted fore or aft

Use pre-programmed combat maneuvers to try to gain the upper hand

Starships gain new combat maneuvers, amongst other things, as their combat experience grows

Ram enemy starships

Launch fighter squads

Launch long-range standoff missiles

Launch assault pods to try and capture starships and cities

Use point-defense weapons to "shoot down" some types of weapons

Use stealth and cloaking technologies to lessen your ability to be targeted

Use mines to protect the resources on your planets

Build Starships to Explore, Expand and Exterminate

Start off with only the knowledge of your own solar system

Use computer sensors to uncover the location of new stars

Send starships to explore stars and unlock their secrets before others do

Alien artifacts litter the galaxy; gather them up to enjoy their unique benefits

Build freighters to harvest the resources of distant star systems

Defend your resources from pirates and other races who may try to steal them

Colonize new worlds

Send starships to destroy or capture enemy worlds

Diplomacy, Intelligence and Politics

Form Non-aggression pacts, Alliances and Federations with other races

Trade technologies, star systems and artifacts

Build a spy network to gather information and do mischief

Each race is assigned one of two diametrically opposed philosophies

Trust naturally increases towards races that share your philosophy and decreases for the others

Work towards a Federation with your natural allies while trying to destroy your natural enemies

Subvert others by spending money to cause unrest on their worlds, ultimately leading to a change in their philosophy

Your voyage begins here on planet Earth. Start by downloading the demo and giving the game a try. After discovering the joys of space strategy, come back and buy a key to unlock the demo. The unlocked game allowing you to:

Play as many different galaxies as you want

Discover all 150+ technologies from all 4 ages

Have access to all the pre-game customizations

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