Freelancer Rebalance Mod v3.50 Final

Rebalance 3.5 includes these changes from previous...

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Freelancer Rebalance Mod v3.50 Final

Rebalance 3.5 includes these changes from previous versions:

~ New custom fighters, freighters, and other ships;

~ New weapons, equipment, and bases;

~ Much-revised and stepped-up NPC loadouts (better weapons/shields, Nomads now can mount shields);

~ NPCs fly many custom ships in addition to original FL ones, giving you a chance to see and fight more diverse ships;

~ New ship explosion effects: watch out for exploding ships in fights now - when those fusion powerplants go critical (especially large ships/freighters), you can enter a world of hurt if you're too close! So be careful;

~ Tohoku system populated: patrols, tradelanes, planets, new Jump Holes, nebulae, and ... a few other goodies ;-)

~ The Order and the Nomads appear in the Reputation screen - you can work for or against them, and it'll show in your rep;

~ Nomad Battleship encounters in the Outcast Unknown system: loads of fun :-) (and challenge, of course)

~ ALL ships have true stafing abilities now;

~ Aegir's "R

RB 3.5 main changes:

- The 2.5 Upgrade by Platman(includes 2.1 and the upgrade patch), the Hydra Type B addon, and the Fightspace Capships Texture Pack are ALL in, so is no need to install separate modules.

- the LI Navy and Police are now using a new breed of deadly Lasers, the Archangels MkI to MkIII, ranged from lvl 7 to 9.

- the LI Rogues have their armory enhanced with 3 more high level laser cannons: Mephisto MkI to III, ranged from lvl 8 to 10.

- The random missions are now more difficult as the stations and capital ships have more hitpoints, their parts and weapons have more HP's as well, also parts hitpoints are not distributed evenly so you may have to learn the capships' weakpoints in order to eficiently attack them.

- Other new weapons added: 2 new Cruise missiles, the BH flash Torpedo and the RH Blitz Torpedo, the Zoners EMP Autocannon, new prototype weapons as the



and more.

- Different faction lasers have new FX and colors, the Order weapons and the BD high level lasers are changed, the Red Hessians lasers match their RH origin better.

- Due to increase in the number of shields a ship can carry, and the much higher weapon damage especially from MF guns, the shield battery repair capacity has been increased from 700 to 750.

- The Jumpholes and jumpgates have different colors according to the house/faction of the system it's heading to(dark Blue - Liberty, Indigo - Inner Worlds, Blue(default) Bretonia), Red - Pirate Systems, Light Blue - Border Worlds, Green - Rheinland, Violet - Nomads.

- added the posibility to enable/disable at will the docking sequence, but when it's enabled capships won't be able to dock.

- added Baene's Ship pack 1, consisting of the folowing ships: Starskipper, Interloper, Guardian, Elite Defender, Ragebringer, SilverFish, Marauder, Draconji, Gunstar and Enfilade.

- added Baene's Ship pack 2, consisting of the folowing ships: Scourge, Ceptyr, Redemption, Bullpup Mk II and III, Seething Fury, Hydra MKIII and the Outworld Shifter Prototype 1.

- The Starskipper becomes the starter ship, and is visible in the cinematics as well.

- Added the BR Champion made by Caid, to New London.

- Added the RH Bomber made by Archangel to Planet Hamburg.

- Added the WC Panther and Vampire from WCP, made by myself, and buyable in the Iowa system;

- Added the Excalibur Confed VHF, made by myself, as a VHF for the Outcasts and Lane Hackers.

- Added the Bloodfang VHF also made by myself, as the premiere VHF for the Blood Dragons.

- Added the Ferret, Epee, bearcat Broadsword and Crossbow as new ships from the Privateer Ship pack.

- Added Porsche's Cylon Fighter, replacing the old one from Pl. Pittsburg, also added his Bounty Hunter VHF ship.

- Added DriftingGhost3b's PrivateerShipPack, the ships in it buyable at diverse locations in Sirius.

- Added Warzog's and Bob Mcdob's Privateer ship pack, replacing some obsolete WC models with the new ones.

- Fixed the EFA system, added commercial encounters and made planets not look alike anymore.

- 7 new ships from ArchKaine and Ro9ue: The "Nightshade" Order HF, "NightShade MkII" Order VHF, "Wraith" Order Fire-Support Craft, "Aeolus" Bretonia Heavy Interceptor, "Scylla" Liberty Interceptor, "Coralskipper" Yuuzhan Vong Yorik-Et (HF), (all with own individual icons);

- "Sobek" or "Seth" Order Very Heavy Space-Superiority Fighter, a ship made by CzW, from Freeworlds mod team

- Copernicus Observatory, a new & more realistically-sized Zoners base in Hudson;

- Bastet Complex, a new Order base in Tohoku;

- Tohoku is a more populated system, complete with bases, patrols, planets, nebulae, and tradelanes;

- More dockable bases: Detroit Munitions, NY; Ryuku Base (Blood Dragons'), Tohoku; and Tekagi's Arch (now a Naval Forces base in Tohoku) all sell equipment, commodities, and ships;

- Order and Nomad factions that patrol several systems (Order has new/custom ships & loadouts) and appear in the F8 Reputation/Status screen;

- New Nomad capship encounters in the Outcast Unknown system; these include Battleships, Gunships, and fighters, all with revised and improved custom loadouts (which include Nomad Torpedoes and SHIELDS);

- New JGs & JHs connecting various systems with a few other systems;

- More new sound effects for weapons and engines, as well as new music in several systems/bases;

- All ships have TRUE strafe now ( b/t 50000 and 110000) with more realistic powerdraw;

- Order weaponry significantly upgraded (really, should the most powerful and dangerous SpecOps organization in Sirius that's tasked with safeguarding the Colonies have water guns to fight Nomads?);

- Missiles and mines travel faster, are much more accurate, and deal damage over a wider area;

- All shields revised - LFs' have low capacities but recharge very quickly, HFs' have intermediate capacities and recharge at a medium rate, and freighers' have huge capacities but recharge quite slowly. Graviton, Molecular, and Positron shields all are closer/better matched to one another capacity-wise (no more 3100 lvl 6 Grav, but only a 2300 lvl 6 Mol).

- Added shields for the Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers and Gunboats that are part of Capship enconters, these shields have very high capacities but recharge very slow.

- Increased ammo/ship speeds: players can carry 2400 Photon shells and other types of ammo, Cruise speed is now 450-550 m/s(from the easy to the hard level), and the maximum object velocity (the fastest you are able to travel in a ship w/2+ engines) is now around 4500 m/s.

- Ittan's "XT Weapon Pack" incorporated into NPC loadouts, as well as many specialty House weapons (CARG, Heavy Ion, Quark, Pulsar, Kusari Photons cannons); most NPC loadouts revised for more intersting and challenging gameplay;

- MULTIFIRE versions of a lot of guns such as:

-KU HyperPhoton Blaster - 2 fire points;

-BD Dragon's Breath - 2 fire points;

-LI Archangels MKI to III, Night Glare and War Blade 2 fire points;

-RH Pulse Plasma Cannon and Pulsar cannon - 2 fire points;

-LAAG Tachyon Guns and the Laser TOpredo guns - 2 fire points;

-Rogues Mephisto's from I to III - 2 fire points;

-Outcasts and Bundschuch Tachyon Cannons - 2 fire points;

-Molly's Red and Black Viper's - 2 fire points;

-LI Heavy Ion Baster - 2 fire points also;

-the Corsairs Angelito's and Salamancas MkI-III - 4 fire points!

-Quark cannon - 5 fire points!

- Many new ships are piloted by NPCs: Bret AFs = Whale & Champion; RhPol = TIE Phantom; LibNav = Elite Defender (Juni's) and Guardian ; LibPol = Scylla and NebRanger;

- Ageira, Universal, Republican, Samura, Kishiro, DSE, and most corporations and criminals now fly various freighters like the Behemoth, Seraphim, Action6 and BulkFreighter, the Raptor, Predator, Phoenix fighters, APS Hornet, APS Starviper, Slipstream, Stilletto XR, Dromedary XR, Starblazer, Antaeus, HawkeyeMkII, Erinyes.

- BHs pilot fly the new Bounty Hunter VHF by Porche and the deadly NebulonRanger.

- There are also "elite" (d15-19) versions of each house Pol & Navy fighters with much better loadouts that include some XT weaps. (( These bad boys are loads of fun to take on; with pulse turrets, high-level XT weaps, and better shields/armor, they give you a run for you money ;) ))

- The AI pilots react faster to damage, repairing both shields and hull at a higher rate, especially the hard and elite levels(lvl 13 to 19);

- The Iowa and Liberty systems have a more 3D feel, stars and stuff spread out. New population zones for more encounters. Iowa systems also have their own info now (on NavMap);

- Added exclusion zones for the new Tradelanes, so you don't fly through rocks/debris when you use one (like the TL from the Hudson JG to EA jumphole in the TX system - you used to fly right through the scrap in the Grande Negra, but now it is clear like other FL TLs);

- Planets spin, courtesy of Warzog / Bob McDob / Crabtree's mod;

- Minor tweaks in Empathy and Reputation for slightly changed experience;

- Corrected names/info for some ships and other stuff (i.e. the APS Hornet)

- Fixed ships' explosions that apparently had no effect entries - i.e. the Mule (had explosion_co_freighter) now has a visible explosion instead of just poofing into a featureless cloud of loot without any pretty fireworks; other ships with same problem fixed;

- Mitigated New Liberty trade profits (no more million-credit trade-runs w/prisoners & VIPs - have to work at it longer now);

- Upward and downward strafe, courtesy of Aegir's Roll Baby Roll Mod.

- Dromedary_XR, Whale, Aeolus, and other ships have new and closer-fitting .sur's.

- Some weapon/ammo prices fixed.

- Added the Advanced Eagle by Tate, as a VHF.

- Added the Interceptor by MrDll.

- Added the Phantom by Firebase as a Heavy Interceptor.

- Added the Dragon VHF, converted by myself, model and textures made by XWA team.

- Added the Supafighter from SW, converted by myself. This fighter has docking problems in normal mode due to its size so please use the instant docking mode while you're using it.

- Added the Galor Cardasian Heavy Cruiser, B'rel Bird of Prey, Romulan Warbird, USS Achilles(Intreprid class), USS Entreprise E(Sovereign class), Klingon Negh'Var Battlecruiser and the JemHaddar Fighter, buyable mainly in EFA and Edge worlds.

- Added Mancer's SW ship pack constaining the SW Freighters, Coaelodonta and Mammoth, the Nebulon Frigate and Ranger,and the Action6, Starhauler and Bulkfreighter transports.

- All warp/hyperspace capable ships have now different speeds, Star Trek and SW ships have their warp speed specified.

- Hispania Sleeper ship is dockable, is owned by the Outcasts and sells equipment, commodities and ships(courtesy of Rimshot's Dockable Hispania Sleeper mod).

-Added EOA real space 2.2 graphics effects to all old and new systems.

- The LF-14c Vendetta by Don Calzone is the starter ship in MP now.

- 9 starting locations and 9 different ships for the OpenSP game mode are now available from the mod's FLMM main menu: Liberty(Starflier), Bretonia(Cavalier), Kusari(Drake), Civilian(Freeport 4, Starblazer), Pirate(Mactan, Starfury), Junker(Rochester, Ferret), IW Merchant(Troy, Bettle), Bounty Hunter(Sheffield, Piranha), EFA Bandit(Xantia Base, Soulstealer).

- Added 13 models made by Jason Barker aka jsncalif11, the Stingray, Mantaray, Navy Interceptor, Mantis, Scorpion, Condor(Falcon), the Bird of Prey and Merchant set(3 ships each) and the Vista Trader, which are sold and flown by diverse houses and factions throughout Sirius. I'll let you discover where and by who...

- All custom ships have now proper .sur files, meaning that they can be hit with lasers all over their surface' shape.

- Engines are sellable now, thanks to Alcander's Freelimits mod coding.

- Different cruise speeds for each engine are also available, through an option in the start menu, but be warned that this is not recomended in MP since it's affects the Flserver's stability(it freezes on exit). U'll also get an error when you quit FL' main program. This happens because of the altered common.dll file included in Freelimits.

- "Second hand" freighters are available in some systems. They're cheaper but have downgraded cargo hauls, speeds and weapons levels/numbers

- True OpenSP added from Argh's XML Mod, available in the start menu.

- The mod options are fully scripted now, except the cutscenes option that was not scriptable due to too many files that had to be replaced. You'll still need to run cutscenes.bat for this one.

- Make sure you'll only select the Normal Character along with the SP Campaign option in the Start menu, and the other 5 characters and start locations ONLY with the Open SP mode. Otherwise the start of a new game will not function corectly!!! Also if you attempt to play in SP Campaign with OpenSP mode activated it will NOT WORK!!! You have been warned. So make sure you choose the right SP play mode at the begining of mod activation in the options menu and stick to that mode.

- For the Hovis race use the Starflier, Startracker or Upgrade MkI Engine, but make sure you have the different cruise speeds option activated. These engines have below default cruise speeds and can help make the race much easier to win. You can find all these 3 engines on Hood. Also remmber to use a maneuvrable enough ship(eg: don't try the race in a gunship or bomber or you'll loose for sure).

- The Skip Hovis Race mod by Warzog was incorporated so if you refuse the race and leave Hood, you'll be taken to directly to the next step of the mission, to Quintaine's hideout.

- Most of the SW, Custom and WC ships have realistic cocpkits now, parts of these are used with permssion from Freeworlds 1.66 mod, the other part is made by myself using models an textures from XWA, made by the XWA upgrade team and Tony Denton.

- Battleships, Destroyers and Cruisers of all 4 houses have beam turrets now, the cruisers and destroyers only normal beams, while the battlehips have both AA beams(anti-starfighter version) and AS beams(anti-starhip version).

NOTE: This mod is copyrighted (C) 2005 by Michael Dan(mailto:[email protected]).

The SW Ships made by myself, the re-textured Wanderer's Fleet Ships and the other parts of this mod can be used in other mods only with my direct permission. If you want to use the other ships or cocfkpits which are included into this mod you will need to ask the creators of these ships or cockpits(which are listed on the credits).

You are allowed to play the Rebalance 3.50 on any 24/7 Rebalance 3.5 server and in Singleplayer.

You are not allowed to edit the Rebalance mod or to use parts of it for your own mods without my permission.

credit list for v3.50 and above:

-Archkaine and *Ro9ue*: for the ships they made, the Nightshade, Wraith, Aeolus, Scylla, CoralSkipper and also for their help in creating 3.5 as it is now.

-CzW, from Freeworlds mod team, for the "Sobek" (or "Seth" as it was named initially) Order Very Heavy Space-Superiority Fighter.

-Astral Prime Studios: the APS Starviper, APS Hornet and the Cougar ships.

-Art Williams: ASF Orion ship model.

-CZW from Freeworlds mod dev team, for the cockpits of : Z-95, Ywing, Firespray, YT-1300 Transport, Raven, Xwing, Awing, B22, with my thanx for their kindness in leting me use this suberb models.

-The other SW cockpits were converted for Freelancer use by myself, the original models and textures credits go to Tony Denton and the XWA upgrade team. Please contact them if you want to use them in your mods, not me.

-Mancer for the SW Freighters, Coaelodonta and Mammoth, the Nebulon Frigate and Ranger, the Action6, Starhauler and Bulkfreighter transports.

-Silver Fire: for its weapon pack:EMP mines, cluster missiles, cruise missile, sniper interdictor missile, rocket pods and mass drivers.

-Porsche: Starwars ships creator, like the A-wing, Bwing, Ywing and Millenium Falcon, the Cylon Raider & Bounty Hunter VHF.

-Free Spirit: for its own Millenium Falcon.

-Redeye: the Elite ship pack, and the Tachyon 5 ships, the Archangel and Battleaxe.

-Caid: Freespace ships creator and the Bretonia Champion.

-Konflikt: for the Antaeus heavy fighter.

-RubberEagle: Starhound Colonial Viper and the Laser-Torpedo guns.

-Paul: for it's own collection of special Freelancer ships, from the X-fighter to Raven, Whale and Thunderbird.

-Duriel_LOP: code for docking large ships such as Battleships and Cruisers.

-Homeworld Ships by Garion (Halycon Blade), scripts by Crabtree CCN.

-Firebase: member of FightSpace team, for the Slipstream, Shadow, Ghost, Basilisk, Death Schyte and Raven Claw ships.

-Wanderer:creator of the: Naginata, Tempest and Javelin, also member of Fightspace team.

-Babylon 5 ships by TFK-Killermatrix and Starfyre Studios.

-Starfyre Studios: The central system idea and the house weapons idea(courtesy of Bod the Dog).

-MikeA1: for the Entreprise NX1

-Star Trek Voyager by Hunterkiller, script by TFK-Killermatrix.

-Illerrio: for the Caerion and the Midanek ships.

-Kurgan: Ships from Kurgan's mod, like the Z-95 Headhunter, Phoenix, Gargoyle and Hawk.

-John Hawke: Wing commander ship: the Hornet.

-Driftingghost13b: The Privateer ship Pack.

-Giskard: the Bab5 and other Fighters, like Starfury, Bab5 Thunderbolt, Soulstealer and Starviper(from Galactica series).

-Knight79: for the Ship Components mod.

-Warzog and BobMcDob: the Privateer and Wing Commander ship packs.

-Jason Barker aka jsncalif11 for the the Stingray, Mantaray, Navy Interceptor, Mantis, Scorpion, Falcon(Condor), the Bird of Prey and Merchant set(3 ships each) and the Vista Trader models.

-3dHeaven: the latest SW Ravens Claw model.

-Warzog, BobMcDob and Crabtree: Planet spin mod.

-Aegir for the Roll Baby Roll Mod.

-Ittan, for his XT weapons pack mod.

-Archangel for the Rheinland Bomber.

- Tate for the Advanced Eagle.

- MrDll for the the Interceptor.

-Tassiin: creator of the GSM mod, for some graphics and UI sounds that were used.

-Crymson: modified/fixed the Gallofree Rebel Medium Transport to have less HP's but more shield slots and thruster. It's a real Blockade Runner now, just like the Corvette.

-Mike "Chips" Garlick: for the lootable pilots for different factions idea.

-Startrek and Klingon Ships by Xileno.

-Don Calzone for the LF-14c Vendetta ship.

-Startrek Phaser and Torpedos by CCC Maverick.

-Klingon Battleship, USS Achilles and Dominion Bug(Jemhaddar Fighter) by Wrath of Achilles.

-Rimshot for the Dockable Hispania Sleeper mod.

-Asmo (KitiHawk) for the Talarca Cruiser mod and model.

-=EOA=Louva-Deus for the Real Space 2.2 Mod.

-Alcander for the Freelimits 0.77 mod code used in RB to allow sellable engines.

-Xtreme Team Studios for the XTS Arcudia, Otarius and XTS-Proteus ship models and initial XML coding.

-Tony "Darksaber" Denton: SW models and Textures, like the TIE's, the Assault Frigate, the Assault Gunboat, the Missile Boat, the T42 Congreve and more.

-SW Cockpits feature used from Free Worlds: A Freelancer TC Mod with permission, original model and textures by Tony Denton and the XWA team.

-XWA team for the the Dragon model and textures.

-my gang from the forum: Gameshark, Toco, Thurmonator, Ether Dragon, Star nova, and many others for their sugestions, codes, and addons that made Rebalance so complex and enjoyable. thnx guys.

-Marco Antonio Malheiros for the SW models&textures of the Planetary Fighter and CLoakshape Fighter.

instalation of the Rebalance mod :

-Make sure you first do a fresh install of Freelancer (either erase the old FL folder and reinstall, or install to a new location on your drive)

-install the Freelancer SDK 1.3, to be sure all ini files are corect,

-open FLMM, choose: Restore Backups, then "Choose a different Freelancer Directory" and point to your newly instaled FL folder

-Erase the old Rebalance mod from FLMM and d-click on the mod's file to load it again.

-Last step to do is to activate Rebalance 3.30 from FLMM(you have to use FLMM 1.2 beta 9 from LR).

-You can find both FL SDK 1.3 and FLMM 1.2 beta 9 on Lancers Reactor downloads section.


-as special credits and thanks for their help in testing and hosting v3.40,I must mention the guys from Cybersprocket and Tulsagamers, especially Franklin and Brian for their generous offer for hosting the RB site, which they helped create, build and maintain and provided the required resources for it.

-also many thanx and kudos to the LR team of mod posters and Moderators: Baked, Chips, Eraser, and their boss, Bargib.

-thanx to my beta testers and supporters, Cibisphere, Lukr, Ultra, Ro9ue, and all others for their help and support in tracking down most of the bugs that are now gone from v3.40. thanx guys!

*special thanks to a valuable member of the Rebalance dev team, Michael "Ro9ue" Mullis for his invaluable contribution to 3.5, his Atten Addon made Rebalance 3.5 much better, also he helped with the ship building and bug fixing, weapon FX and the new faction NPC ships!

==[Copyright and means of usage]=============================

Freelancer and Starlancer are (C) 2002 Microsoft Corporation and Digital Anvil.

All Rights Reserved.

FL Rebalance Mod v3.50 is Copyright (C) 2006 Michael Dan.

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