BF1942 Server Update v1.45 - v1.5

This is an update to your BF1942 Server which brings your...

BF1942 Server Update v1.45 - v1.5

This is an update to your BF1942 Server which brings your v1.45.18 version to 1.5. This dedicated server allows you to host ALL maps and ALL game modes.


Battlefield 1942(tm) v1.5

Read Me File

October 12, 2003



Patch 1.5



-No more swapping CD's. Any installed Battlefield 1942 expansion pack

or community mod can be played using any Battlefield CD.

-Fixed an issue that would cause severe lag when going from a vehicle ladder

directly into a vehicle position. This was especially prevalent with the

MG positions on Destroyers.

-Fixed Omaha Beach ammobox-bunker exploit.


-New map - Invasion of the Philippines, complete with all new Patrol Boats.

-A new US Marines skin replaces the USA army skin in the Pacific theatre.

-US Marines Engineer is equipped with the M1 Garand.

-Japanese Engineer has been retrofitted with the Type 5 semi-automatic


-Kubelwagen replaced with the Black Medal Scout Car for the Japanese forces.

-Hanomag replaced with the Ho Ha APC for the Japanese forces.


Patch 1.45



Patch 1.45 has introduced 3 new AIR controls, located under CONTROLS in

the OPTIONS menu, on the 2nd page of the AIR tab. If you have applied

the 1.45 patch to an existing, previously played install of

Battlefield 1942, you will need to define keys for these controls

in order for them to work while playing.

For reference, if you apply the 1.45 patch to an installation of

Battlefield 1942 that has not been previously played, the keys are

setup by default as follows :

AIR Control Default Key

----------- -----------





-game.listPlayers will now display client IP addresses when run from

the server console


-Support for Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack

-Land vehicles will not respawn if player is too close to spawnpoint.

-Def Gun now has shell icon instead of rocket.

-Fixed issue with using the mouse wheel as a control.

-AI skill no longer resets to EASY when browsing menus.

-Dropped kits stay on static objects such as bridges, houses, etc.

-Fixed issue with disappearing buttons after activating a custom game.

-Tooltips added for Def Gun, stationary MG42 and stationary Browning.

-Kits can no longer be picked up from a distance.

-Fixed force from explosions on vehicles which were sometimes wrong,

and caused vehicles to roll over.

-AI players don't count when voting in COOP.

-Possible to select position 4, 5 and 6 in aircrafts.

-Console background does not disappear after switching to main


-Changing camera view while shooting or leaving water works.

-CO-OP briefing text now displays the specific conquest type for each

map (Assault, Head-On or Hybrid)

-Names with line-feeds are now valid.

-Fixed floating exploit.

-Fixed first person animations, which sometimes stopped prematurely.

-Fixed crash when changing camera view under certain conditions.


Patch 1.4



New Features

-Added ability to reserve slots with a password.

-Added spawn points for some airfields.

Bug Fixes

-Support to use the same remote console port on two different BF1942 servers.

-Remote console now works on Windows98/Me.

-The free camera is now predicted on the client to give better control.

-Underscores now work for remote commands executed from the in-game console.


New Features

-The console command Soldier.CameraShakeFactor

1.0> toggles the

camera shake in 1st person on/off.

-Two new weapons replacing earlier weapons used in the game

-Type 99- Japanese Assault rifle

-DP 1928- Russian Assault rifle

Improvement of game feeling

-Slight delays when turning, jumping and pulling out new weapons for a smoother

and tighter experience.

-Recoil animations changed.

-Improved Death Cam: can now be configured to disable `Reveal Killer' mode.

Gameplay Fixes

-AA Guns do not cause splash damage when hitting sandbags.

-Mines now detonate when vehicles go in reverse over them.

-Infantry can now aim a full 180 degrees up and down in the 1st person view.

-Camera shakes when firing weapons mounted on vehicles.

-A pixel added to the center of the cross hair (server option).

-Disabled ability to repair land-based vehicles in hangars.

-Rear gunner for Stuka/SBD/Ai-chi-val now has cross hair.

-Added friendly mine indicators to HUD.

-Increased bayonette damage to cause instant kill.

-Deviation time goes back to normal after running faster.

-Less damage to planes from stationary machineguns.

-Road to Rome bombers re-balanced.

Physics improvements

-The collision bug where you could push another player into an object or

building as been looked over and fixes have been added.

Graphical Improvements

-New and improved parachute landing animation in 1st person view.

-Lightmaps on ships implemented. Radeon cards might not render these correctly.

-Increased visual effect for AA-gun airplane hits.

-Improved hit particle effect when shooting at infantry.

-Road to Rome British soldiers get the Sten Gun.

-Faulty Defgun death effect fixed.

-Fixed a bug with B17 flaps that caused them not to appear on clients.

-Bazooka/Panzerschrek smoke trails changed.


-Improved pre-caching when loading maps, reducing stalls when new objects are

loaded in during game.

Sound improvements and optimizations

-New and improved Sounds in 1st person view

*Increased volume of impacts

*Louder explosions for grenades

*New Sound for the Axis Assualt rifle STG44


-Scoreboard now shows current server's name, IP address and Map name.

-Scoreboard now lists player ID for all players.

-Buddylist is now saved to profile and retained between maps.

-Text messages and kill messages from buddies are color coded green.

-Bug causing the display of text messages and playing of radio messages when

map start in a MP game fixed.

-Screenshots can now also be taken of the score board.

-Paste (Ctrl-V) in 'Add Server' box added.

-Voting system feedback improvements

*You can see what vote is currently active (which map or

player is being voted for).

*You can see how many votes that have been cast and how

many that are necessary for the votes to be successful.

*When a vote has failed you get to know which one and why

(how many voted for it and how many were necessary).

AI improvements

-AI bots more responsive to radio commands.


-Content check currently only works with official Battlefield 1942 and RTR

files/maps. If you try to run a server with a user created map/mod installed

and turn content check on, clients might not be able to join.

-If you try to connect to a Road to Rome server that is running a Road to Rome

map and you don’t have Road to Rome installed, you will see a "data differs from

server" message.


Patch 1.31



There are known issues with Audigy cards and this patch. These

problems can be avoided by enabling HARDWARE ACCELERATION in the

sound options menu.


-Fixed Co-op crash when restarting map

-Removed default Remote Admin Password for servers

-Changed Object collision system To prevent Exploits involving players

hiding inside of objects


-locked out console.showClientPredictionStatus console command

to prevent exploit


Patch 1.3



-Optimization of server priorities to improve Net Performance

-Smoother object movements

-Remote Control Improvements

*Sending strings instead of ascii. If you start the remoteconsole

with -m it will not wait for the server to respond for every


-No Lag prediction if soldier is sitting in vehicle. This fixes

the problem of pilots getting shot out of the cockpit when in a



#Sound improvements and optimizations

-New and improved Sounds in 1st person view

*Bar 1918




-New streamed sound implementation increasing performance and

decreasing memory usage.

-Problems with SoundBlaster Live on WinXP and Win2000

systems are solved

#Graphical Improvements

-New and improved fire animations in 1st person view





-New and improved models in 1st person view





#Gameplay tweaks

-damage to airplanes from the following has been decreased by 50%:






-Spreading when walking and shooting increased on


*StG 44

-Reloading time on sniper and engineer rifles reduced by 33%.

-Rate of ticket decay when a team holds more than half of the

command points has been increased on Head-on maps

-Rate of ticket decay when Attacker holds all the control points

on Assault Maps has been reduced by 40%, leaving a better chance

for the defender to retake a CP.

-Rate of ticket decay when the defender holds the map reduced by

40% on assault maps.

-Attacker / Defender ticket ratio changed slightly to defenders

favor on assault maps

-When going outside of the map boundaries, soldiers will take 20%

of their full health of damage per second (after being warned)


-Decreased Loading times for the game and map changes.

-SafeDisk check only when starting game and not when changing maps

#AI optimization

-Bots are more concerned about close range enemies than long range

ones, especially when their current weapon is not suited for


-Radio and voice command display now has a 'greyed out' look for

commands that the bots do not respond to.


-Message window has been modified and is now separated into three


1) User generated chat (radio and chat text) - 4 rows

2) Game Info (capture control point etc.) - 2 rows

3) Kills (x killed y) - 3 rows

The number of lines for each message window can be changed as

long as it is at least 1 line and the total amount of lines

for all message windows do not exceed 12.

These chat windows can be manipulated through new console

commands (where 'int' is any number between 1 and 12)


No. of lines for chat messages display


No. of lines for game info display


No. of lines for kills info display


Sets the no of lines for all 3 message displays at once


Returns status on how many lines each message window in using.

chat.OldChatListStyle <0 or 1>

If set to 1, the the old (v1.2) message window model is used.


No. of rows used if the old message window model is used

-New Ignore input Commands

You can ignore radio messages, radio sounds and also ignore

specific players using the following commands:

chat.ignoreRadioText <0 or 1>

If 1, No radio text is printed.

chat.ignoreRadioAudio <0 or 1>

If 1, No radio sounds are played.

chat.setIgnoreRadioAudioAndText <0 or 1>

If 1, both radio sounds and radio text is supressed


Prints status for these settings


Ignores a specific user's chatting.


Stop ignoring a specific user's chatting


Returns the list of ignored players

NOTE: you can find a user's ID by using the 'game.listPlayers'

command in the console

-Implemented TK Forgive and Punishment system.

By default, players have to wait 1 extra spawn wave for every TK

they commit and when they have made 5 TK's that are not forgiven

they will get kicked from the server.

By default, the server is in punish mode.

There are 2 modes:

1) If you are killed by a teammate, you can forgive the killer.

The forgive options expires when you die again (auto-punish)

2) If you are killed by a teammate, you can punish the killer.

The punish options expires when you die again. (auto-forgive)

Admin Console Commands:


The number of extra spawn waves applied

(1.0 = wait 1 spawn wave,

1.5 = wait 1.5 spawn wave.. and so on)

admin.banPlayerOnTKKick <0 or 1>

When set to 1, players are also banned when kicked for TK


The number of punished TK's before being kicked

admin.tkPunishMode <0 or 1>

0 : Punish Mode - Players are punished by default, until the

victim forgives the TK

1 : Forgive Mode - Players are forgiven by default, until the

victim punishes the TK

Client Console Commands:


Punish a TK (works only in Forgive Mode).


Forgive a TK (works only in Punish Mode).

-Vote announcement has new text color and icon.

-Possibility to tag specific players as a 'buddy' and make them more

visible in the minimap

Client Console Commands:


Add a user with to the buddy list


Removes a user from the buddylist


Prints a list of your current buddies.

#Rendering optimization

-You can disable tri-linear filtering by adding the line

"renderer.useTrilinearFiltering 0" to your


-Kyro Card Support

-SiS Xabre support

-Stripping and vertex-cache optimizing terrain patches.

Increases performance for vertex cache enabled T&L cards that are

vertex transform bound in BF. I.e. it reduces slowdown somewhat

when lots of objects are displayed on screen.

-Optimization of the font writer, decreasing memory usage.

-Possibility to add lightmaps on ships and boats which can higly

increase the visual effect.


-New Map: Coral Sea

A cool Carrier war map on the sea and in the air.


Patch 1.2



-Low close combat hit accuracy due to network lag is much improved.

-Some Server CPU usage optimizations: Multiple server instances

should perform better.

-Fixed currently connected players being dropped at map switch in

favor of new connections.

-Remote Console application is now fixed.

-Release of bound sockets works correctly.

-Bug causing missing spawn points and Gray flags that do not

change is fixed.

-Bug causing soldier animation states to be dropped is fixed.

-Reconnection problems fixed.

-The ASEHost.dll "Failed to execute ASEQuery_init()" error

is fixed.

-No longer need to reissue the admin.enableRemoteConsole

and enableRemoteAdmin commands every time the server restarts.

-Bug in Standalone Server causing "Corrupted Data" error when

hosting CTF on Bocage is fixed.

-Added hit detection feedback: Client crosshairs blink with a

small dot in the crosshair and additional cross-lines when the

server registers a successful hit.

-Dedicated server settings are saved properly. (Note: if Friendly

Fire checkbox is turned off, the next time the dedicated server

is started the check box will be checked, but the percentages will

all be at 0%)

-Remote Admin (admin connected to server as a player) does not

have to authorize every time a new map starts anymore.


#Totally new file structure

-Ensures easy implementation of mods and expansion packs.

-There is a file that includes the process id for the

battlefield game running.

#Gameplay tweaks

-Jeeps more sensitive to shells (one shot equals one kill).

-Increased B17 rate of fire for better carpet bombing.

-Grenade damage versus tanks is 40% less powerful.

-AA Gun Damage vs Infantry is increased (1 shot equals 1 kill in

torso/head). Also removed splash damage versus infantry.

-Slightly increased knife damage distance.

-Slightly decreased deviation when walking and shooting with

side arms.

-Increased damage for Machine Gun 42 and browning versus infantry.

-Increased damage for Plane Machine Guns versus other planes.

-Tiger tank health increased by 25%.

-Fixed M10 being treated as a jeep for splash damage.

-Slightly increased damage for MP40, MP18 and Thompson

versus infantry.

#Cheats removed

-"Long View Distance" cheat fixed.

-"Wireframe" cheat fixed.

-"Turning Off Fog" cheat fixed.

#Sound improvements and optimizations

-Irregular looping sounds and/or loss of sounds bug has been


-Redundant sound state changes removed.

#Memory usage optimizations.

#Physics engine improvements

-Mine placed on jeep causing jeep to sink through ground no

longer possible.

#AI optimization

-Bots do not jump in and out of vehicles anymore.

-Bots have improved mobility and behavior while sitting in tanks:

close range enemies now make the AI drive further away and fire

from distance instead of just hopelessly circling around the


-Several small tweaks and improvements for bot control

*Major improvements to artillery.

*Improved path selection (less prone to go on rough terrain).

*Major improvement of the fire behavior.

*Fixed bug in SAI's bot ordering update.

*Fixed AI handgun sound effect.

*AI will not favor planes on a runway which is blocked by other


*Decreased AI view distance.

*Several tweaks of .con-files for more accurate description of

the game elements.


-New Button "Custom Game" lets the player play a custom made mod

game or Expansion Pack games.

-Server browser "Backfire" setting displays properly in server

details window.

-The in-game console stays in front of game text and is less

transparent for improved visibility.

-Improved In-game server browser filters.

-TAB button works so players can see their own score even if they

didn't make the top-3.

-The Minimap arrow yellow flash lasts longer when a teammate uses

a voice or radio command.

-Dedicated Server menu has an added function called

"Automatic Restart". When checked the server will automatically

restart if it crashes or is turned off any other way than

pressing the stop server button.

#Rendering optimization

-Billboard trees for GeForce 3-4.

-Hardware shadows on all cards (GeForce 1-4).

-Hardware skinning on animated meshes (wheels, flags, soldiers)

(GeForce 3+ and hw vertexshaders cards).

*New option to put into videoDefault.con (if wanted)

renderer.forceSwSkinning 1

(default is 0 = use hardware if available.)

-Tri-stripping (optimizing meshes to improve FPS).

-GeForce4 MX support fix that eliminates desktop crashes occurring

on some computers.


Patch 1.1



-Improved server stability.

-Fixed bug that caused server to say it was full when it wasn't.

-Servers started from in-game now use settings from dedicated

server tool if those settings are not in the in-game Create Game


-LAN servers no longer report to Gamespy master server.

-Limiting the bandwidth now works from the dedicated server


-All Seeing Eye server browser support added.

-Fixed refresh rate locked to 60 hz in Win2k and XP machines.

We're working on getting this fix for Win98 and ME machines.

To enable this on Win2k and XP machines do the following:

-Open the videodefault.con file found in


-Edit the line: renderer.allowAllRefreshRates #

(where # can be replaced by 0 or 1)

-Changing this value to one will allow you to select the

refresh rates from the Options>Video section of the

in-game frontend.

NOTE: the game will default to 640x480.

-Fixed bug that caused ammo-boxes and health-cabinets to not work


-Considerably faster internet in-game browser.

-Added icon in the in-game browser for dedicated servers.

-Added icon in the in-game browser for password protected servers.

-Added icon in the in-game browser showing server CPU status, if

it's doing well or if it's bogged down by too many players for

it's capacity (this is dependant upon the CPU not the bandwidth).

-Added server CPU info in the in-game browser under the server

info>rules tab.

-Chat text in-game has it's own color so it's easier to see.

-Server version number will show correctly in server info> rules


-Fixed some instances of the internet browser crashing when

pressing yes to update to newer version on a 98 machine.

-Fixed player ability to sink Kubelwagens into the ground.

-Fixed free spectator camera does not turn off, even when

unchecked in the server.


Useful Web Sites


Keep your Windows installation up to date.

The official Battlefield 1942 website.

Developer's homepage.


Third Party Legal Information


Battlefield 1942 uses Bink Video Technology.

Copyright © 1997-2000 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.


DICE Copyright


Copyright © 1999-2003 Digital Illusions CE AB.


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