Uplink: Hacker Elite v1.31 Patch [Linux]

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  • Program by Strategy First

Uplink: Hacker Elite v1.31 Patch [Linux]

This patch brings your Uplink title to version 1.31 with a couple of fixes over v1.30. This version is for Linux machines.

Change log:


- Fixed : Modems on LAN systems stopped working. They would crash the game if you moved the mouse over them on the map, or tried to connect to them.

- Fixed : Shouldn't crash if can't find a sound device.


- Changed : Probing of LAN systems can now only be done if you have a

connection to them. You cannot Probe an 'island' LAN system.

- Changed : Uplink will now search for new LANs in data/lans everytime you

start a new game OR load a game. Newly found LANs will be added to your existing game - there is no longer any need to start a new user to load new LAN files.

- Changed : Map scrolling speed now resolution independent.

- Changed : Loading/Saving data should be much faster.

= Fixed : The ShinyHammer special mission told you to attack the Arunmor LAN, but checked success against the Arunmor Central Mainframe

- Fixed : Problems with the Software Sales menu causes the Voice Analyser to be invisible in 640x480

- Fixed : Spelling mistakes : IEE Acreditation

- Fixed : long standing Uplink bug where some Steal-File missions would

occasionally ask you to steal a file that was encrypted at greater than level 7 (the maximum decrypter strength).

- Fixed : Bug in the News screen which prevented you from reading the full text of a news article

- Fixed : The default IRC channel was set to #uplink-test instead of #uplink

- Fixed : Sample Local Area Network should not be targetted for missions

- Fixed : Really nasty bug that would sometimes cause the game to crash or your userfile to become unloadable if you bounced a connection through multiple computers with the same name - eg "Arc Access Terminal"

- Linux : * Fixed theming

* DOS text files are now read in properly (this affected

custom LANs and gateways)

* Save games are now stored in ~/.uplink

* Graphics backend is now OpenGL/SDL (previously used glut)

* Sound backend is now a patched SDL_mixer to allow

playing of UNI files. (see SDL_mixer.patch for changes)

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