Civilization III Power Bar

This awesome utility gives you tons of information for your...

Civilization III Power Bar

This awesome utility gives you tons of information for your players and enemies. See additional information for all the features included.

Tribes & Treasuries Features:


Combo box contains a list of all tribes

Editable Treasuries are displayed for selected tribe


Set Treasury: saves changes made to the treasury

Enemies: Displays the Enemy selection form

S: Performs the Suppression Feature

X: Exits the PowerBar

H Hides the PowerBar to the top of the screen

Cities & Production Features:


Combo box contains a list of cities for the selected tribe

Current production projects are displayed for selected city

Load Text Bos indicates number of new cities created since last "Load"


Load: Load PS with freach Civ and City data

B: Builds that production project for the selected city at no cost

D: Donates the displayed project to each ity of the selected tribe

C: Completes the existing project for each city of the selected tribe

E: Enlightens the current tribe by completing their existing research

K: Kills the research progress for the selected tribe

R: Ruins the production progress for the selected city

A: Ruins the production progress in all cities of the selected tribe

Enemy List Features:


Tribes: A list of all tribes playing

Enemies: List of tribes currently designated as enemies by the player


Add: Adds selected tribes to the enemy list

Remove: Removes enemies from the list

Continue: Hides the Enemy List, returns player to PowerBar and game.

Enemy Suppression Features:

Enable Auto Enemy Suppression:

This is waht the enemy list is all about. When enabled, this feature destroys various aspects of your enemies' development each turn, in accordance with the options you choose.

Suppression Options:

When these options are selected, they will occur each turn for each Tribe in the enemy list. Uni, Settler, and Building destruction occur for each city belonging to each enemy tribe.

These options are great for limiting the expansion of your foes early in the game, and their military build-ups

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