Roger Wilco Base Station v0.27 (Linux)

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Roger Wilco Base Station v0.27 (Linux)

Base Station offers a static IP address that can host a channel for others to join when they come online. Base Stations can be set up on computers even if they have no sound hardware.

Base Station Installation for Linux and FreeBSD

Make a new directory to house the installation in and gunzip the file and untar it, e.g.:

% mkdir rw_base % cd rw_base

% mv ~/rwbs_Linux_0_27.tar.gz .

% gunzip rwbs_Linux_0_27.tar.gz

% tar xvf rwbs_Linux_0_27.tar


Known Issues & Bugs

We try to keep our Base Station support current, but cannot offer aggressive support for it. Here are some issues that some people have seen:

Some Linux users report seg faults. I need to find the time to document these issues on our support site. They are attributable to dynamic linking and users can work around them by soft-linking the correct libraries to where RWBS expects to find them.

Slackware Linux versions prior to their 6.0 release do not work properly with the RWBS for Linux

There were occasional crashes for Linux and FreeBSD, but these should be fixed now in v0.27. All users should run the run_rwbs script (included in the distribution) rather than calling rwbs directly -- it provides recovery from crashes.

It is kind of difficult to easily retune Roger Wilco Mark I from one named channel to another -- you actually have to specify "/leave " to leave any channel other than the DEFAULT channel for a host. Ask your users to install Roger Wilco Mark Ia (or later) to remedy this.

Any information on these defects would be most helpful. Here are some configurations that have been running the Base Station in a satisfactory manner:

Redhat 5.1 (kernel 2.0.35)

Redhat 5.2 (kernel 2.0.36)

Linux kernel 2.0.34, glibc 2.0.7

Linux kernel 2.2.4, glibc 2.1


Windows 98

Windows NT 4 sp 4

Making the Most of a Base Station

The best machine to run a Base Station is one that

Is always on

Is always connected to the internet

Is on a static IP address (or can always be found through DNS)

Has a stable net connection

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