Dragon Age 2 - Sophies Choice Mod

Well, this is a little app that will edit save files and...

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  • Program by xatmos

Dragon Age 2 - Sophies Choice Mod

Well, this is a little app that will edit save files and change your character's class (in "name" only). The sole purpose of this app is to change who is killed by the ogre at the beginning of the game.

See more information for instructions on how to use this mod.


Just use the app on a save file (.das) just before entering the battle with the ogre.

Change your class to effect the desired outcome.

Then use it again on your new save after reaching Kirkwall, to return to your original class.

Do not level up in-between.


This is mostly untested, I have not played very far into the game, and have no idea what problems this may cause - and it is highly likely it will cause some.

The tool does make a backup of your save, but if you continue playing a game based on a modified save you may encounter any number of unforeseen problems.

In other words, use at your own risk.

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