Avatar: The Game Patch v1.02

Patch version 1.02 for Avatar: The Game reduces some crashes...

Avatar: The Game Patch v1.02

Patch version 1.02 for Avatar: The Game reduces some crashes with certain video cards, problem using audio frequency above 48 HZ, and other minor problems. This patch includes previous fixes from patch v1.01 resolving several problems with graphical bugs, display issues, other visually related errors, and general improvements in the game. This patch is multi-language for America and European countries.


Changes in v1.02


- Fixed crash issues when using an audio output frequency greater than 48kHz.

- Fixed a bug where the player could remain stuck in a cinematic screen after the Banshee cut-scene in the "Cloud Walk" quest.

- Fixed some D3D10 errors.

- Fixed shutdown issues, happening on some video cards, that were causing problems when restarting the game.


v1.01 Update


* Added better support for multi-monitors view mode.

* Added a Force Widescreen FOV option in Display Options menu.

* Fixed various shaders flickering issues.

* Fixed vegetation issues with DirectX 10 in low/medium quality.

* Fixed an issue when the player is killed by an explosion after the revive timer.

* Fixed water refraction when no bloom on DirectX 10.

* Fixed black squares flickering when antialiasing 4xAA or more with HDR is enabled.

* Fixed a bug with the Login window when the player enters a wrong password followed by a successful authentication.

* Fixed the flickering on soft bodies (eg. vegetation) on some video cards.

* Fixed 'War Room' mini-game controls not being updated all the time.

* Fixed some random crashes.

* Improved shaders preloading on some configurations.

* Improved task switching support.

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