Killer Mod LOA

Ever thought "This game might be fun with a few more...

  • Category Action RPG
  • Size 28.5 KB
  • Program by God's Blood

Killer Mod LOA

Ever thought "This game might be fun with a few more chickens, or Hassat"? Or wondered if there were monsters that you'd never seen? This mod brings them to you - and it lets you summon them yourself!

A breakdown of the spells:

Chicken Summons; Chickens! although the shadow jumper may also appear

Hassat Summons; Puurrrrr

Zaurask Summons: Nossirom and the gang

Dopplegangers Summons; Stop staring in that mirror! Now you can make copies of your bad self.

Vermin Summons; Eeewwwwwww, creepy!

Dwarf Summons; Who likes dwarfs?

You get the spells at the regular, veteran or elite level Elddim, Hiroth and Glacern Blacksmiths. Find them under the tab "spells." You use the spell by selecting it and casting it on yourself. This can only be played with Dungeon Siege LOA.

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