This is a modification of the GC_Hoth map, It puts the...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 35 MB
  • Program by GC TEAM, modified by Frame


This is a modification of the GC_Hoth map, It puts the Imperials at rebel base, and rebels at imperial spawn. There is also added some ammo boxes on those wide open spaces.

02:47 23-08-2003

To install put in


Will not work with patch 1.45 that is out soon.

I may release a new verion, But by that Time the GC mod team proberly has alot

of new sweet maps for us.

This map is in no way the work of me, Frame_1, I only shifted some posistions

and added some objects to make another kind of map, than the current GC_Hoth

And in the hope that the Admins put up this up, so that we can have another map to play online.

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