Silent Hunter III - Modified Career Map v1.3

Modified Career Map (Version:1.3)...

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Silent Hunter III - Modified Career Map v1.3

Modified Career Map (Version:1.3)

Do you find the original career map is boring? Yes. It is. Most time, you are searching and hunting unchallenging single merchant ship. Now,I have spent byond 10 hours and test 3 times to make a satisfactory substitute career map for your welfare.

Key features of this map is:

(1)All important cargo groups, task forces and hunterkiller groups are confined in this very sea zone(BE53 and adjacent) for you hunting. It's complete. No one is cut off.

(2)It's real. I didn't change every group's beyonded period, formation, vessel type....etc. Just change it's location, for you hunting fun.

(3)If you try it, you will find this map is balanceable in many aspects. For example: for hunterkiller group, 6 groups in 1942, 13 groups in 1943, 23 in 1944, same to original. I have tried very hard to keep it true and funny.

Use this file to replace: Silent Hunter III\data\Campaigns\Campaign\Campaign_RND.MIS

IMPORTANT Note:Make sure you have backup original file before doing this.

Have fun! Good Luck!

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