Valve Pressure - Single Player Map

A single player map set during the air strikes bombarding...

Valve Pressure - Single Player Map

A single player map set during the air strikes bombarding Black Mesa.

'Valve Pressure'

Version Two

By Ark

[email protected]

This is the second public release of Valve Pressure, after being played & tested by myself several times. The first version had minor bugs which were almost instantly detected, unlike this version. If you do have any to report, please email me.

Storyline :

With Gordon Freeman about to enter the world of Xen, the military air strikes continue to pound Black Mesa into the night. You play a remaining HEV suited scientist, and with Freeman about to escape to a far worse situation, you have to get out of your own tight spot. There's a bunker near your location, it's best if you get into it before the military bombardment kills you.

Unzip to Half-Life directory eg :


Zip File Includes :



Valve Pressure Beta Readme.txt

The files go :



Half-life/valve/maps/Valve Pressure Beta Readme.txt

Thanks to :

Jarred, Jonno and Steven for the early playtests & suggestions.

Valve for half-life.

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