Strayfire Demo

Stunning 3D shooter with loads of firepower and tons of...

  • Category Shoot 'em Up
  • Size 8.6 MB
  • Program by Dexterity Software

Strayfire Demo

Stunning 3D shooter with loads of firepower and tons of amazing special effects

Strayfire is a stunningly beautiful 3D vertical-scrolling shooter with loads of firepower, hordes of alien enemies to blast, dynamic lighting, and tons of amazing special effects! Blast through four challenging levels with massive bosses and mini-bosses. Use your shields for both offensive and defensive maneuvers, and build up your ship's arsenal with some truly massive power-ups. Difficulty settings make the game fun for any skill level. Score attack game mode allows you to challenge a specific level to gain a high score, and Strayfire's unique replay feature lets you watch the entire game that earned you a high score. Enjoy the original techno soundtrack, or create a custom playlist from your own MP3 music. The full version includes includes an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. Very fun!

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