Port Royale 2 Demo [English]

This is the English demo for Port Royale 2, strategy sequel...

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  • Program by Ascaron

Port Royale 2 Demo [English]

This is the English demo for Port Royale 2, strategy sequel by Ascaron. This demo includes four tutorial scenarios that will be packaged with the full game.

Port Royale 2 - Readme

Updated: 01.06.2004



1. Introduction

Welcome to Port Royale 2!

The following will give helpful information should you experience any technical difficulties.

2. General Hints

Port Royale 2 Configuration Tool

The graphics card tool is started automatically once the installation of Port Royale 2 has been completed. You can start the configuration tool at any time by selecting it in the "START" menu under All programs > Ascaron Entertainment > Port Royale 2.

The graphics card will go through an initial compatibility test. This test will help the game identify if the graphics card is DirectX 8.1 compatible. The result will be displayed as YES or NO.

HINT: If the test results with a NO then the graphics card is not compatible with Port Royale 2 and we cannot guarantee that the game will run at all with this card.

The following settings can be changed:

"Use colored hardware mouse-pointer":

If you are experiencing problems with the in-game pointer you should activate this option.

"Water reflection effects":

If activated, the water reflection effects can be seen. If you experience graphical problems or extreme slow-down you should deactivate this.

"Compatibility mode for water reflections":

This should be activated if you experience graphical errors with the water reflection feature.

"Show waves on ships":

If you experience graphical display errors around the ships, this option should be deactivated.

"Start Full-Screen":

Once deactivated, Port Royale 2 will start in windowed-mode.

"Recommended Settings":

Calculates the best game settings for use with the installed graphics card.

"Compatible Settings'":

All graphical settings are deactivated.


Quit the tool and save the current settings.

Save place for your Autoroutes and savegames

With multi-user systems running under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, your autoroutes and savegame files can be located here:

* C:\Documents and Settings\[...Username...]\My Documents\Ascaron

Entertainment\Port Royale 2\

Using your own flag

You can use your own logos and display them on the sail of your ship. To do this, your file must match the following criteria:

* File type: Bitmap (*.bmp)

* Picture size: 96x64 pixels

* Color depth: 24 Bit (16.7 million colors).

Logos need to be placed in the following directory:

* C:\Documents and Settings\[...Username...]\My Documents\Ascaron

Entertainment\Port Royale 2\Logos.

This folder also contains a sample logo for your sail.

3. System Requirements

In order to play Port Royale 2 you require the following system requirements:

* Windows® 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP

* Pentium® III (or compatible) 700 MHz CPU

* 128 MB RAM for Windows® 98SE/ME

* 256 MB RAM for Windows® 2000/XP

* 700 MB free HDD Space

* DirectX8 3D Graphics card with 32 MB RAM

* DirectX Sound card

* Internal 4 speed CDROM drive

* DirectX 9 installed

Optimal configuration:

* Windows® 2000 or XP

* Pentium® IV (or compatible) 1.6 GHz CPU or higher

* 512 MB RAM

* 700 MB free HDD Space

* DirectX9 3D Graphic card with 64 MB RAM

* DirectX9 Sound card

* DirectX 9 installed

Note: We cannot guarantee that Port Royale 2 will run on all Laptop and Notebook models. Since there are so many different types of systems on the market, it is impossible to test all of them. The graphics chipsets are also not the same as those of desktop computers. If your Laptop/Notebook has the minimum requirements, we still cannot guarantee that Port Royale 2 will run and can therefore offer no guaranteed Technical Support.

WARNING: If you are using Windows XP or Windows 2000 please make sure you have Administrator rights in order to install and play Port Royale 2. (On home computers you are usually the Administrator of your system).

4. Technical Notes

Windows 98SE / ME

Please make sure that you have no programs running in the background (like anti-virus Software). If there are programs running in the background please deactivate them.

Windows XP / 2000

With Windows XP / Windows 2000 always make sure you have the latest updates and Service Packs installed. When this readme was created Windows XP had Service Pack 1 available, whilst Windows 2000 had Service Pack 4. In order to be up to date you need to run a Windows Update, which can be found in Internet Explorer under "Tools > Windows Update".

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