Deus Ex Patch v1109 - v1112fm

This is a smaller patch for those who have the 1109 patch...

Deus Ex Patch v1109 - v1112fm

This is a smaller patch for those who have the 1109 patch installed already. See more info for details on this patch version.

Bug fixes for version 1.112fm:

Blocked some cheats related to overriding the local console or root window.

Doors opened by buttons in multiplayer work properly now.

Opening a door in multiplayer automatically unlocks it, whether opened by

button or by lockpicking.

Fixed some potential problems with locked double doors in multiplayer.

Disabling screenflashes no longer has an effect on multiplayer. Multiplayer

always has screenflashes on.

The server information window in the join game screen now indicates whether

or not a server is password protected.

Mousewheel support for remote clients has been fixed to be consistent with

mousewheel use for the singleplayer game.

If a server is listed as full on the join game screen, you cannot join it.

If you refresh the list and the server is no longer listed as full, you can

then join.

The viewplayer command no longer works in multiplayer games. Mod makers can

change this by overriding the CanSpectate function.

Looting corpses while carrying no weapons no longer gives you increased ammo


The flamethrower was generating log warning messages under certain

circumstances. Those have been fixed.

Dropping a weapon and then picking it up caused its ammo count to get messed

up, causing problems when you tried to restock it with an ammo crate. This

has been fixed.

LAMs become disabled when the person who placed them leaves the game.

You can no longer lean on other players to kill them.

Leaning occasionally caused people to rotate wierdly. This has been fixed.

Under certain circumstances, the vision augmentation could be broken until

you died and respawned. This has been fixed.

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