Falcon 4.0 v1.08

A major patch for Falcon 4.0 which addresses problems with...

Falcon 4.0 v1.08

A major patch for Falcon 4.0 which addresses problems with graphics, controllers, gameplay, AI logic, multiplayer and more. See "more info" for a list of changes.

Version 1.08 Changes


* The fonts used in the cockpit and HUD are more readable now, especially at the higher resolutions of 800 x 600 and 1024

* The frame rate in the simulation has been improved.

* Support for 3dfx cards (such as the Voodoo 2 and Voodoo 3) is now improved.

* Falcon 4.0 now includes a 1024 x 768 2-D Cockpit. This cockpit is "clickable" at this higher resolution. Your video card must have at least 4MB of video RAM in order to run the 1024 x 768 cockpit. To use this new feature, simply select "1024 x 768" for Resolution at the Graphics setup screen.

* The fonts used in the cockpit and HUD are more readable now, especially at the higher resolutions of 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768.

Game Controllers

* Falcon 4.0 now defaults to seeing at least one hat switch on your joystick. This will solve the problem with DirectX incorrectly reporting zero hat switches (for example, on certain CH joysticks).


* Both the number and fire rate of SA-7 SAMs have been reduced.

* Runway repair is now slower and, therefore, more realistic.

* Aircraft will no longer take off from a damaged or captured runway.

* If Invulnerability is set to On in the Simulation setup screen, your plane will no longer take damage from crashing into the ground.

* HARM targeting has been improved and, therefore, HARMs are now more effective.

* The weight of fuel tanks is now correctly calculated.

AI Logic

* AI pilots will now attack air-to-air threats during air-to-ground missions.

* AI pilots no longer keep attacking helicopters.

* AI pilots are more effective with using Maverick missiles.

* AI pilots no longer inappropriately trigger the New Guy tone on your RWR.

* If you radio "Attack my target" to your flight, you will now hear the correct bullseye information.


* AWACS will now acknowledge your radio call of "Check in" with "Roger."

* AWACS will now vector your wingmen correctly to ground targets.

Tactical Engagement and Campaign

* In the Debrief, erroneous messages about flights being diverted from home base have been fixed.

* When you select a mission from the Mission Schedule, you should only see "Not a package mission" now because of a shortage in either planes or pilots.

* The icon for the EA-6B plane has been corrected.

* In Tactical Engagement, you can now retask aircraft after they have landed.

* You can now reenter a training mission many times without a problem. In earlier versions, the timing would become out of synch.


* The stability of multiplayer connections has been improved.

* Version 1.08 now supports more than one multiplayer game running simultaneously on the same LAN.

* Weapons, air brakes, afterburners and landing gear are now updated visually for all players in a multiplayer game.

* Rules of Engagement are now updated for any out-of-compliance settings for all players.

* Rules of Engagement no longer return to their default settings if another window is opened.

* Two or more players can now edit weapon loadouts simultaneously in a multiplayer mission. Changes to weapon loadouts are updated now for all players in the game.

* Victory conditions are now updated in a multiplayer Tactical Engagement for all players.

* The Points box now displays the correct score for all pilots in a multiplayer Tactical Engagement.

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