Hangar is the first (that I know) homemade singleplayer map...

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  • Program by Tomas "El Toro" Nyman


Hangar is the first (that I know) homemade singleplayer map for Shogo

Hello and thank you for downloading "Hangar" for Shogo-MAD!

Hangar is the first (that I know) homemade singleplayer map for Shogo, the story is (so far...) that you are to infiltrate a fallen space station which is used as a launching platform for their MCA:s.

This is the Final Release of this map but I will keep making updates which you can download from www.torget.se/users/o/opus/hangar.zip

If you would like to play direct...put the .dat file in your shogo\custom directory and start the game...choose new game....custom level..hangar, got it?

Then put the hangar.rez in your \custom directory and when shogo.exe starts choose customize and select hangar.rez, You MUST chech the "always load these files" box otherwise the file will not load and you will miss my sounds.

If you want to save just put the shogop4.rez in your shogo catalog

Hangar features som cool effects for example: Smoke, Glass, Water, Liquid Nitrogen (just go ahead and take a bath...) and a particle system that looks really cool.

If you download (duhu...) this map and play it it is mandatory (please do it anyway) to drop me an mail about your thoughts around this level.

Please don´t give me any mails like this: "duhu, the lights are ugly" and so on.

If you wan´t to complain about the effects (lights, smoke, water and so on) you must have a graphics accelerator card (and a decent one..no ATI shit here) ´cause this level was made on a computer with an 3Dfx Banshee card (it rockz!!).

Don´t give me any crazy shit ideas like: "It would be really cool with a guy that runs in cirkels and shouts "-I am a bunny! -I am a bunny!"

thats alot of please dont´s but anyway...Mail Me!!!

I want You to mail me your thoughts of what would be cool to have on this level.

I might add Your Idea to it...if I do so I will Credit You in the next release.

If you want the .ed file I can mail it to you if you promise not to add a new room and then release it as your own level.

If you change the .ed file please mail it to me and if i think it is a good thing you´ll done you may release it but you will have to credit me in a readme file.


Tomas "El Toro" Nyman


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