ActorX Tool for Maya 4.5 v2.12

Here is the ActorX Maya v4.5 exporter in v2.12...

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ActorX Tool for Maya 4.5 v2.12

Here is the ActorX Maya v4.5 exporter in v2.12. It includes Skeletal animation and also allows for easy staticmesh export.

Collision/bounding: it's an always-upright collision cylinder, the sizes of which are properties set in the script classes; so the shape of (anything sticking out of) your mesh doesn't affect gameplay at all.

Notify types: There aren't that many active for game player animations besides the footstep script calls ( AnimNotify_Script, calling PlayFootStepRight or PLayFootStepLeft) ; hunt through any of the standard animation sequences and you'll see what's required. Things like sparks/blood spawning during the game are all done programatically without notifies. The exception is cinematics which have custom ones, but those aren't used during gameplay. The types of notifies show up when you add them in the properties panel, Notify tab, with what's called 'inline editing'; using the Add- and then the New/notify type selection button that pops up in the array for each new element.

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