Metal Venture Game Client

A free to play, over the top view shoot'em up action...

Metal Venture Game Client

A free to play, over the top view shoot'em up action adventure!!

"What makes this game more interesting than the generic "shoot to kill, think to live" concept is the fact that what you will play when you run it for the first time, the tutorial level and the main "world", called A Dormant Menace, because I suck at making up titles which don't resemble a Star Wars movie, are made in a level editor. And this level editor is packaged within the game files as a separate program, well-documented, and ready for any of you out there willing to create your own adventures. As mentioned above, much like in Knytt Stories' level editor (those two games share nothing else in common), players can create a world, add their own cutscenes and custom music, build their own levels, specify each level's objectives and script their own events."

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