Half-Life: Opposing Force - Opposing Force Coop v2.0

This gives you your chance to play Opposing Force...

Half-Life: Opposing Force - Opposing Force Coop v2.0

This gives you your chance to play Opposing Force cooperative with any of your friends. Opposing Force Bootcamp is included.

I. Description

"Half-Life: Opposing Force Coop" allows you to experience the epic Opposing Force story and environment with your friends, or with players around the world. This following guide explains how to setup a working server.

II. Requirements

Half-Life and Half-Life: Opposing Force on either WON osr Steam is required to play. You must also either have an LAN or internet connection.

III. How to install

Note: It's recommended to make backups of any file you already got with same name if you need to before installing! (Backups of skill.cfg, skillopfor.cfg, listenserver.cfg, and server.cfg).

To install Opposing Force Coop, begin with downloading the newest version (v2.0) at the "Downloads" page if you haven't already. When the downloading is complete, unzip and run "ofcoop2.0.exe". You should see an install window popup. Click "Next" twice, and locate your WON or Steam Opposing Force folder. After you located it, click "Next" and "Start". Opposing Force Coop will now install. When it's done, click "Next" and "Exit" to finish the installer. Opposing Force Coop is now installed on your computer.

IV. Create/Join a server

Create a server

Step 1: Change settings

Starting a server is very simple. However, you need to change some settings first if you're gonna run a LAN server and/or you wanna change the servername and/or you wanna change the difficulty. Otherwise, just jump over this step.

First, find "listenserver.cfg" at your gearbox folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\youraccountname\opposing force..), and open it with notepad. Now, if you scroll down, you should see text like this:

If you want to run a LAN server, change "sv_lan 0" to "sv_lan 1".

If you want to change servername, change +hostname "Opposing Force Coop v2.0 Server" to eg. +hostname "My server!"

If you wanna change the difficulty (1 is easy, 2 is medium and 3 is hard, default is 2), change "skill 2" to 1 or 3.

Step 2: Starting the server

Go to "Start -> All Programs -> [HLCoop] -> Opposing Force Coop" and choose chapter, then choose which map. After the server started, you'll need to type "restart" in console to make all monsters spawn.

NOTE: If you change map with the console, you'll have to fix the map levelchange by changing the mapcyclefile too. If you for eg. write "changelevel of3a6", you will also need to write "mapcyclefile of3a6".

Join a server

Start the game and go to the game menu, and click "Find servers". Now you can simply look for servers with the gametype "HL Coopplay".

An alternative option is to write "connect [ip here]" in console.

V. Known Bugs

- Using eagle under water cause the weapon to stop working until map is changed

- Rope sometimes gets "kicked" from the game if a player uses it badly

- Ropes are invisible for host and flickering for clients

- If a host have custom sentences, players that joins server will hear wrong sentences from NPC'S (unless they have same custom sentences)

- Sometimes players gets stuck with each other. When it happens, try jumping to get released.

- Only way to hurt other players is to shoot an explosive barrel near them or shoot them with one of the cannons at of6a5

- If two players enters a teleport at the same time, the first that entered will die

- Sometimes a map won't change level even if a player exited map, but it's pretty rare

- Sometimes game may crash

- At map of1a1, players are able to kill Otis and take his gun after they've taken the Pipewrench

- At map of1a2, players can shut down power outside fence

- At map of2a3, levelchange often makes game crash

- At map of3a2, if a player stands under scientist while he falls, he will die and also cause scientist to fall in eternity

- At map of6a5, players at Xen can also hear when the Geneworm arrives

- At map of7a0, if a player joins server after osprey change, it can become a bloodbath

VI. Fixed Bugs/changes in v2.0


- Re-added four recruits

- Fixed playerfreeze


- Fixed so vest gets picked up when a player touches it

- Fixed doors


- Fixed ladder

- Made players get new spawn after run exercise


- Made players get new spawn after live fire exercise

- Fixed so all players looses weapon at weaponstrips

- Made invisible walls so players can't kill drills


- Re-added intro soldiers

- Fixed silent intro soldiers bug

- Fixed so all players gets stuck in camera

- Fixed so players that joins after first sequence also gets teleported


- Fixed so scientist can't get in the way of spawns and cause players to get stuck in him

- Fixed so vest gets picked up when a player touches it

- Fixed bug that made zombie sometimes kill Otis


- Fixed crates so they are now always visible

- Fixed illusionary wall near power switch solid again


- Re-added disastersequence

- Fixed so all players gets spawned to disasterarea as soon as one player triggers the sequence


- Re-added train


- Fixed crash caused by player destroying crate in one of the trucks


- Fixed gap at the pipes in the beginning of map which trapped any player that walked into it


- Fixed sound attenuation


- Re-added teleport sequence

- Fixed bug that made scientist in Xen have yellow dots around himself

- Fixed so all players gets spawned to water area as soon as one player triggers the teleport sequence


- Added delay between teleports so players doesn't squash others so easy


- Fixed gravity in Xen


- Fixed gravity and alien wind in Xen


- Fixed bridge


- Fixed bug that made scientist in Xen have yellow dots around himself

- Fixed so all players gets spawned to Gearbox area as soon as one player activates the Gearbox


- Fixed gravity in Xen


- Fixed gravity in Xen


- Fixed gravity in Xen


- Fixed gravity in Xen

- Fixed so all players at bomb area gets moved as soon as one player crosses a certain trigger

- Moved elevator button


- Fixed gravity in Xen

- Moved elevator button


- Fixed gravity in Xen


- Fixed teleports

VII. Tips

- More then 8 players are not recommended.

- There are some easter eggs placed out on a few levels, try find them

- Run EntMod on your server, so you can release clients that get stuck

- Write "fps_max 100" in console if you encounter much lag

- If you want to quit the game, but also want to "save" the game so you know which map you were at, write "status" at the console to check which map you are at.

XIII. Credits

This was created by Zhouy from the [HLCoop] clan, which also brought you "Blue Shift Coop".

Special thanks to "AirWolf" from Firearms forum for the guide "Multiplayer Cut Scene Technique" and "[HLCoop]Whatever you want" for helping and beta testing.

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