Call of Duty 4 - Vertical v 1.1 Map

Vertical (formerly Hillside) by Wrecks! Vertical is scenic...

Call of Duty 4 - Vertical v 1.1 Map

Vertical (formerly Hillside) by Wrecks! Vertical is scenic map set on a hillside. On one end is a walled off hilltop while the other end is a 6 story hotel with a working elevator that takes you to the roof which looks straight across to the hilltop. In between is an assortment of houses, caves, alleys and a tunnel that leads to the hilltop!

The balconies and rooftops are all accessible and there's almost an unlimited number of ways to get around in this incredible contender for the title of best user map in the Infinity Ward mapping contest!


Map Title : Vertical

Map Version : v 1.1

Author : Wrecks

Website :

E-mail : [email protected]


Game : Call of Duty 4

Supported Gametypes/Modes

: Multiplayer

: Deathmatch

: Team Deathmatch

: Headquarters

: Search and Destroy

: Domination

: Sabotage

: CTF and CTFB (awe4)

: Old School

Map Size

: 16-32 : Medium-Large Map

Supported Features

: Minimap

: Helicopter/Airstrike


Revision History:

Vertical v1.1 released 3/31/2008

Vertical v1.0 released 03/28/2008

Hilltop Beta v0.91 released 03/25/2008

Hilltop Beta v0.9 released 03/19/2008

v 1.1 Fixed missing footstep sounds on some textures

Added 2 additional Domination flags

Bus is now boardable

fixed small terrain glitches

Adjusted lighting in tunnel

Fixed missing Sabotage target

v 1.0

Added additional texturing

Fixed hole near parking garage

Added additional dust effects

Polished the chrome

Rotated the tires

Detailed the interior

Gave it a shiny new name

v 0.91 (Beta2)

Added complete support for CTF, CTFB and HTF for the awe4 mod

Added support for OldSchool mode

Fixed Domination and Sabotage Gametypes

Adjusted (enlarged) entrances to sewer

Removed superfluous spawn locations

Fixed portals to increase framerate

Portalled the hotel

Replaced vehicles with destructible vehicles

Fixed terrain cracks

Added details

-Replaced cement wall at hilltop with additional scenery

-Added foliage and additional rubbish throughout the map

-Added rooftop cover on several houses

-Improved textures and lighting in tunnel

-Additional misc. detail additions

v 0.90 (Beta1)

Released public beta for testing.


Contents of this Package :

Associated Map files


File Size:



Description: This is the official release of Vertical. If you like the map, please add it to your server map rotation! Feedback and comments are welcome!


Installation Instructions:

Extract to root directory (C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare).

Local Testing Instructions:

Start multiplayer and run an installed mod.

Open console (~) and type "map mp_vertical".

Go Vertical!


Construction Time : Probably close to 230 hours (I didn't clock in and out ;))


Credit to Other Authors :

:Uk-haS:Robinson AKA Pedro 699 from for working on the elevator script.


Special Thanks :

all the guys at Infinity Ward forums

all the guys at

my beautiful wife and 4 amazing kids

my Savior Jesus Christ


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